Bullion Dealer Raided By Police Sues Fort Lee and Its POLICE DEPARTMENT


A Bullion dealer by the name of Onn Rapeika is suing the police and THE TOWN OF Fort Lee after he was raided where he alleges $250,000 worth of watches and gold coins and $34,000 in cash went missing. Onn Rapeika, well respected in his community is shocked at the lies that are being told and wants the world to know the truth and demands that his belongings are returned.


An innocent Bullion Dealer AND LOCAL BUISNESS OWNER, who was wrongly raided by the police in Fort Lee, demands his name BE cleared and wants his watches, gold coins, and cash returned. Onn Rapeika, a Bullion Dealer who is respected in his community, had the traumatic experience of being raided by the police in January 2014. During the raid, he alleges the items went missing and demands is now suing both the town and police department.


In January of 2014 THE LAWSUIT STATES he was robbed by dirty cops and set up under false pretenses and fraudulant circumstances. HE recently sued the town, the police, and 31 officers who were involved according to the towns own tort investigation. The suit demands payment, compensation for legal bills and action taken against those officers who stolen them during the raid. The suite is primarily targeted against the 3 officers who first broke in: drumgoole, horton, and cullen followed by the police chief and another 27 or so officers yet to be revealed as part of an internal investigation conducted by the town but kept secret.


For the past two years One Rapeika has demanded the truth, but during those two years, he believes there has been a serious cover up, which is backed up by his supporters AND FBI FORENSICS. Onn Rapeika, 36 who has been a Bullion dealer for over ten years was shocked and angry when he was falsely arrested on charges of weapons possession, money laundering and drug offences. He has since launched a $8 million lawsuit against the borough, the Police Department and numerous individual police officials and officers.


The police have made it their mission according to Onn and his supporters to blacken his name to avoid the embarrassment of the action they took. Onn explained the last two years have been a complete nightmare.


SEVERAL Onn supporters have STATED “the people have lost faith in the FORT LEE police DEPARTMENT” and HAVE URGED an outside body to come and investigate them, the actions they took, and the missing belongings. They have also called for senior officers to be dismissed for the cover-up and said they are disgusted THAT TIME AND AGAIN THE DEPARTMENT IS INVOLVED IN NEPTITUDE, COVERUPS, AND SCANDLES.


About One Rapeika


One Rapeika is a respected Bullion dealer. He has been featured in the media for his case against the police and Fort Lee.


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One Rapeika is available for interview.


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