Business Expert Launches New Book Vision of Hope Journal to Help Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Vision of Hope Journal

The book which has gained worldwide exposure is being sold on and (For a personalized autographed copy of the journal purchase from

Vision of Hope Journal

A well-known Entrepreneur has released her new book Vision of Hope Journal. The book which has gained huge exposure was written by Yolanda Renee McCutcheon better known as the Wealth Architect for women entrepreneurs. The book which is available on Amazon and on the author’s website was written and published to help provide aspiring, newbie, and veteran entrepreneurs with a success tool.

The Vision of Hope Journal was created for the visionary, the goal setter, the planner, the entrepreneur, and people just wanting more out of life. 

The Vision of Hope Journal is more than just a journal it’s a success tool. Yolanda Renee McCutcheon created this journal for people who want to achieve success. The journal is a complete success tool which includes, Success Notes, Goal setting, affirmations, Planner, Calendar, Conquering Fears, Future outlooks, the 90 Day Challenge and much more including a bonus success community.

Each month more than 534,000 businesses start up. However, nine out of ten businesses fail. To achieve success a person needs to have the right mindset, the right focus and tools, Vision of Hope is one of those important tools to achieve success.

The Vision Of Hope Journal is a success tool with many dimensions to help people along their success journey. There is no other journal on the market complete with success tools to push people to succeed, and a built-in community to help along the way.

Yolanda Renee McCutcheon said: “My book has over 200 pages to help you on your success journey. Complete with a success community to help hold you accountable for your visions, goals, and aspirations.”

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About the Author:

Yolanda Renee McCutcheon known as the Wealth Architect for women entrepreneurs. The author of “Live Your Life On Purpose, No Excuses”, “Inspire Your Desires: 100 Days of Inspiration to Transform YOUR Mindset and Start Executing Your Life’s Desires”, and a Co-Author in “I Hate Being Broke”. She is the Creator and Founder of the Society of Millionaires, an academy that educates, elevates and empowers entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinary levels of success. Yolanda was born and raised in West Philly, she now resides in the south with her two sons Nameer and Quadeir. Yolanda believes everyone has the ability to architect ordinary passion into extraordinary success, as long as you lay an unshakable faith foundation. You can find Yolanda on all things social media @TheYolandaRenee @TSOMillionaires and via her website at