Buy a Stearns and Foster before the spring price increase


Buy a Stearns & Foster before the spring price increase

Tempur Sealy, the company that produces the Stearns & Foster brand of luxury mattresses, has announced a price increase that takes effect in March.

“The company announced the price increase in December, so you still have time to get a mattress at the current prices,” said Peter Pocsaji, owner of R Mattress in LA. “You need to change your mattress ever seven to 10 years. So if you are approaching that replacement time, act now to save money.”

The official Tempur Sealy announcement says, ““Major component raw material costs for foam, steel, upholstery and wood have increased significantly in the last 24 months, and are expected to rise further in 2018. While Tempur Sealy has avoided a price increase up to this point, through its own productivity initiatives and cost controls, these actions alone are not enough to offset rising costs. Thus Tempur Sealy is instituting a price increase to offset commodity increases so that we can continue to invest in our products and marketing efforts.”

The suggested retail price increase ranges from $50 to more than $200 per mattress. Individual dealers can adjust the suggested increase if they see fit.

“What we can’t change is the price increase that comes from the factory. That is fixed,” Mr. Pocsaji said.

One thing that will not change is the commitment to quality by the Tempur Sealy corporation. R Mattress will continue its 10-year warranty as well.

R Mattress will hold off the price increase as long as possible. Peter Pocsaji says anyone who is looking for a new mattress or needs one should buy soon.

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