Carmel Real Estate Market Video Gallery Website Launched for Houses for Sale in Carmel, IN


A new video website has been launched for the Carmel, Indiana real estate market by an Indiana video marketing company called The Video Dominators.  The realty website provides video listings for potential buyers to give a more dynamic view of the listed home properties in the Carmel area.   The website and current listings can be seen at


A new video website has been launched for potential home buyers in the Carmel, Indiana real estate market.  The new real estate website features compelling video and gallery images of local houses currently on the market to give potential home buyers a more dynamic perspective of the listed properties and attract more visitor views and engagement.  An accompanying YouTube channel has also been created for the website.

The website Housesfo was created by a local Indiana marketing group called The Video Dominators which specializes in providing video marketing services to local businesses.  A spokesperson for the company stated  “The creation of the video website for realtors is a natural outgrowth of what we do.  We pride ourselves on providing a variety of creative video marketing strategies for realtors and we wanted to showcase our work accordingly.”

While video marketing has significant reach online, many businesses have yet to embrace it’s use for search engine placement and promotion..  The spokesperson for The Video Dominators stated, “Video has been known to increase viewer engagement over static images. Facebook has confirmed that viewers gaze at video content five times longer than static content.  Consequently, video is a powerful tool for anyone in the marketing arena and especially so for realtors.  It really is an excellent marketing strategy and is an approach that should be in everyone’s arsenal.”

Aside from the creation of video gallery websites, The Video Dominators also provides 2D and 3D animation services for businesses which are trying to expand their marketing reach with video online.  The Video Dominators video services encompass the creation of explainer videos, e-learning videos,  motion graphic intros and outros, animated logos and much more.  The Video Dominators also provide a unique service to realtors, contractors, architects, and home buyers:  a 3D visualization service to allow the potential home buyer to “see” a property before it is built.  These 3D animation services provide another avenue for video to help improve the buyer experience and more information can be found at:

The use of video gallery websites for realty companies appears to be a very useful tool to better showcase properties to potential home buyers online.   To  learn more about this effective marketing strategy please visit The Video Dominators at or check out the Carmel realty site and video channel at:  

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