Catching Light To Launch Their Solar Electric Dutch Barge And 35 Metre Super Yacht In 2018.


First Solar Electric Dutch Barge And 35 Metre Super Yacht

Catching Light’ is the brainchild of Tom Wedgwood and Sheryl Greentree. They are launching an exciting eco-friendly solar Electric Dutch Barge which will make traveling across the waters cleaner and safer.


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Catching Light, known for bringing the future to now is set to launch an exciting new vessel. The vessel called Bargy McBarge Face is an eco-friendly solar Electric Dutch Barge that is set to change the waterways forever. They are also launching a 35 Metre Super Yacht that will help transform the way people travel across water.


The eco-friendly solar Electric Dutch Barge and 35 Metre Super Yacht will allow people to travel across the water by using natural energy which will eliminate environmental pollution and provide a more cost-effective way of travelling.

We decided to sit down with Catching Light and find out more about their new vessels and how it will help transform the way we travel across the waters.


  1. You are set to launch your first solar electric marine vessel, can you tell me more about the vessel?

Bargy McBarge Face, is currently under construction and is expected to be on the water early part of 2018. Their first boat, ‘Bargy McBarge Face’ is aiming to marry traditional boat building skills, with cutting edge solar and smart technology to bring you an eco-friendly, 100% Solar electric Dutch Barge. There are many new approaches to construction, from up-cycling old shipping containers to provide apartment modules you can move on and off the hull to enable you to be able to move your home with you. No fuel costs or carbon footprint. All of their boats will generate enough electricity to run themselves!

Combining beauty, ethics and cutting edge innovation. All of the apartment modules are modernised using the latest eco-smart technology. Using intelligent robotics, you can change your internal layout every day, through your smartphone or tablet! In addition, you can also grow your own food indoors. … Yes, it keeps getting better. Bargy McBarge Face will be a category C barge, which, means they can also cross the Channel, unlocking the 37KM waterways of Europe as well as navigate the coastline. In addition, our 35M luxury yacht, Josiah is a vessel that is constructed of natural materials yet stronger than conventional building married to state of the art technologies which opens 75% of this gift of a planet to explore, admire and protect – free of noise, free of fumes, free of complication, free to go anywhere.


2. Why have you decided to invent a solar powered vessel?

No vibration, quiet, low operating cost, Low maintenance, simple powertrain, better power to weight ratio with electric motors Infrastructure in place at marinas – most marinas have electric hook ups, solar covered boats whilst docked would generate energy and further cost savings for marinas, battery upgrades would mean the same boat improves with age, more design freedom in hulls and motor placement. Motors can be placed on the bottom of the hull instead of inside, acting as a rudder with more versatility, less complicated manoeuvring, boats are moored for It has to be the future of marine travel, we have to care for our waterways and oceans, for future generations.


3. How important is it to protect our waterways?

It is vital for our very survival. Small yachts, pleasure boats are 85% vacant and berthed most of time. It is ironic since they are built to be mobile and have the remarkable ability to travel great distances without polluting. Catching Light wants to throw convention out the window and build boats as an exhibition of high tech, such as bio composites and new graphene or hemp supercapacitors, married to tradition boat building skills. Transporting teachable methods and products to help communities build, grow and prosper in a sustainable way. And, when not sailing, berthed – it is a power plant. Hence, why we are called catching light.


4. There has been a house that has been built which relies on solar power and some say this is the future to save people money and save the environment, do you think we can expect in a hundred years to see the sea filled with solar powered vessels?

This is the future for the automative industry, it is without doubt the future for all marine vessels. A solar boat and aeroplane have already circumnavigated the globe. Now is it is time to bring this to the next level through a confluence of innovations in software technology, additive manufacturing, and power generation.


5. The first vessel that you are launching is called Bargy McBarge Face, why did you choose that name?

The Solar Electric Dutch Barge will be named ‘Bargy McBarge Face’. The team at Catching Light believed that the general public would have unanimously chosen and approved of their new 100% Solar Electric Dutch Barge being called ‘Bargy McBarge Face’ after Boaty McBoat Face the autonomous underwater vehicle that will be carried on the research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough.


6. Who is the vessel aimed at?

All ages of people, anyone who wishes to have a different approach to living and traveling on the water, who care about their environment, who love beautiful vessels and enjoy, quiet, clean journeys on the water


7. Can we expect to see your vessels in the future on canals around the world including the UK?

Absolutely, Bargy McBarge Face will be a category C barge, which, means they can also cross the Channel, unlocking the 37KM waterways of Europe as well as navigate the coastline. But can travel across canals around the world.


8. How many vessels will you be launching each year?

Our barge will be launched this year and Josiah will be competed in 2019.


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Tom Wedgwood and Sheryl Greentree is the brainchild of Catching Light. They aim to make traveling across the waters cleaner and more enjoyable. Their boat designs are set to shape the boating industry forever.


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