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Celebrating 20+ Years of Empowerment: Global Self-Belief Coach Cassandra House Marks Two Decades of Success

Embracing 20 Years of Success and Growth as a Coach, Teacher, Mentor, and Educator

At the age of 16, Cassandra House started her entrepreneurial journey and journey as a teacher of piano and dance. Then Cassandra started her professional career at a young age, as an 18-year-old in Australia, where she started her own beloved childhood dance school after discovering that her own school was closing. 20+  years later, she is a renowned self-belief coach, owning multiple seven-figure businesses across the globe, and she’s just getting started.

As an empowering educator and coach, Cassandra has helped hundreds and thousands of individuals across the world harness one of the most powerful forces on the planet: Self belief: And after 20 successful years, she remains as passionate as ever about helping others get out of their own way and utilize their inner beliefs and gifts to tackle opportunities and achieve their wildest dreams.

Cassandra is a master of monetization, helping individuals tap into their own genius and earn a rich reward for doing what they love. She believes in sharing all her trade secrets to help others maximize their opportunities and build their own empires from the ground up. Cassandra firmly believes that anything starts with you and your own inner genius. It is her passion to bridge the gap between where individuals are and where they want to be, and belief is the key to unlocking this potential.


As a top-rated coach, Cassandra is on a mission to impact the lives of one billion people globally and inspire them to believe in themselves and step into their unique power.  She also has gone on to complete her undergraduate degree in Human Movement Science as well as a Bachelors & Masters in Education and traveling to over 60+ countries all while growing her own thriving, global network marketing business.

Over the past 20+ years, Cassandra has owned several brick-and-mortar businesses. Her love for people motivates her to do more every day and she considers this her super power and what makes her unique in business. Despite her own struggles in business and personal life, as all entrepreneurs experience, Cassandra’s unwavering faith in the belief that anything is possible drives her forward.


When asked if she ever plans on retiring, Cassandra replied, “NEVER, how can you retire from doing what you love?” Cassandra intends to keep inspiring and motivating people to pursue their dreams for as long as possible. “The most empowering thing you can do for someone is to believe in them, and to give them something they wouldn’t have had if they hadn’t crossed your path. That is what I want to keep doing,” said Cassandra.

Cassandra offers private and group coaching, along with several self-belief courses, to help individuals reconnect with themselves and build their dream life. Through one-on-one mentorship, her Empowered Women inner circle group, and her Genius Millionaire Mastermind course, Cassandra has the tools to help others get exactly what they want out of business. Her courses and mentorship are expertly designed to focus on practical, implementable steps that enable individuals to take aligned action towards their goals. By combining these steps with belief in oneself, Cassandra has helped countless individuals achieve their own version of success and fulfillment.

“I want everyone who crosses my path to leave me, believing in themselves just a little bit more,” said Cassandra. “I want to leave a little fire burning inside them that they can feel, wherever they are in the world, which represents my belief in them, for times when they are lacking in self-belief or self-worth.”

The book “Believe: If I Can, You Can” by Cassandra is about confidence, personal growth, and self-belief. It offers a humorous and motivational perspective on turning dreams into reality and shows how to monetize one’s genius. Cassandra acts as a mentor and offers guidance to help readers achieve their goals. More information can be found at her website

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