Certified Leadership Coach Beatriz Valverde Garzon Talks To In2town Press Release About Her Company Leadership Unfolded



Beatriz Valverde Garzón, Founder and Director at Leadership Unfolded recently announced the launch of her new website, which offers fast track, progressive coaching solutions. We decided to speak to the popular coaching expert find out more about her company and the services she offers.


I know that you spent 15 years in the hospitality industry before Leadership Unfolded, how did you start out in the coaching industry?

I grew tired of working for other companies that didn’t fit my professional needs to grow and develop my skills and my set of personal values. When I was made redundant for a second time in three years, I realized that I had always felt a higher calling, that I was meant to be doing something greater, and that it was time to fulfill it.


What’s your biggest challenge in this role?

I love personal development and helping clients find their uniqueness. It is challenging to show them how valuable and exceptional they are as human beings, and how they can package and offer their special skills to others, and contribute to heal their own world and the life of their own clients.

It is challenging however, the reward I get when my clients see results, is not comparable to any other feeling.


What was the biggest risk you ever took and what did you learn from it?

When I realized that I needed to take control and drastic action to change the course of my life, I panicked. I wasn’t even aware that I had the ability to leave the ‘security’ of a 9 to 5 job, or that I could make a living doing something I actually love.


I had never learned to make such decisions and it meant having to unearth my personal values, work through hidden issues, understand how my mind works, and change my mindset and how I think about myself and my life.


What future plans do you have for Leadership Unfolded?

I am glad you ask! I have several projects and partnerships that I would like to develop, and make Leadership Unfolded become a hub for personal development and resources for entrepreneurs to create conscious businesses.


To learn more about Leadership Unfolded and the services they provide, please visit http://leadershipunfolded.com/.


About Leadership Unfolded

Leadership Unfolded offers fast track, progressive coaching solutions to empower the ambitious to create lifestyle businesses.