Co-Founder of GetGo and Hollywood Mega Star ‘Shahzaad Ausman’ Reaches Milestone Achievements





Shahzaad Ausman is a reputable international hollywood mega star who has been on an incredible run of late and things have only gotten better. It has also been an incredible year for the celebrity actor as his fan base has been increased marginally.

Looking at the fact that Shahzaad was named as one of the industry superstar with a net worth of $11 million dollars in 2018. This significant achievement simply connotes the fact that the California graduate film career is at its peak.

The multi-talented actor, producer, director, writer, editor has famously featured on diverse roles in movies from the Blue lagoon, noon, White house down, Where is Carmen, Roman chapter 36, Angel investors and You above all. With so many film productions to his name such as The rain, Where is Carmen 1&2, XVWE, Lola rose Thomson etc.

The reputable actor has gained major coin from playing majorly in movies which have put his lifetime worldwide box office gross at over $11 miilion. Shahzaad Ausman now commands pocketing some real amount of figures to be featured in films. The celebrity all round entertainer career is on a roller-coaster with numerous achievements been tagged to his name. Shahzaad is with no doubt one of the biggest action hero we have right now, particularly if you put capes and suits aside.

With what has been heard so far the multi-talented Shahzaad career is shaping up brilliantly rather than attention grab or mainstream pull. Shahzaad has always seems to offer the same quality work rate he is been known for and this will see him been in the league of champions for decades to come. Couple with drive and passion he is unstoppable.

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