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If you’re enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, that didn’t happen by accident. Somewhere a farmer cared about growing a quality product with meticulous post-harvest processing. An importer got it into the hands of a roaster, who developed a unique profile to bring out the salient flavor characteristics of that specific coffee. Finally, someone be it a barista at your local café or you in your kitchen carefully brewed the coffee to ensure a proper extraction. Coffee is a complicated beautiful craft and now provides you with an in depth variety of information, facts, opinions and everything you need to know about coffee including procedures and products that make the best brew. is a website for true coffee lovers. It is enriched with information, experience, reviews, how to and list of best coffees and coffee related items like makers, grinders and mugs etc. is a place where you not only learn about the unique flavor of the beloved beverage, but also about its history and deep roots among different culture.

In, topics that would have never crossed your mind can be found there (Coffee curing bad odors) as well as enlightening viewpoints on different coffee products such as k-cups or coffee makers. One fascinating area about this website is that writers from all over the world share their opinions, research and thoughts on the beloved drink. The sites original content and varying viewpoint keeps the blog fresh and appealing to a larger audience.

The website is extremely easy to navigate through which helps visitors to seamlessly find information that interests them. Its sleek look displays blog articles in a clean and professional manner that grips attention right away. The setup of the site displays the most recent posting in the main page with eye-catching and professional photos used to highlight the topic. Alongside the pictures are catchy titles and brief sentences that grab visitor’s attention and engages them to read on further.

What sets this site apart from other websites is its diversity and wide array of information. While some websites cater strictly brewing methods and others focus on just the flavors of coffee. has it all; from the history of coffee to coffee being a possible ‘cure’ for hangover, no topic is off-limits. can literally turn a mildly curious coffee fan to an aficionado.

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