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Consentium: Introducing the Future of Chat Applications

Chat applications are some of the most popular and most downloaded applications for mobile phones. Whether iOS or Android, hundreds of thousands of people download and install chat applications every single day. Their popularity is also pretty obvious. They allow people to talk with just about anyone after a few clicks. They facilitate easy conversation and help people keep in touch with the people they want just about anywhere. However, one problem with all these chat applications happens to be the fact that they cannot sustain themselves and that they offer nothing to their users whatsoever. To give people a chat application that facilitates them while also providing monetary benefits; Consentium has just been developed.

What is Consentium

Consentium is crypto-based chat application that also works as a crypto-wallet. It has a number of features that not only help people hold encrypted conversations, but also monetize those conversations in Consentium (CSM) tokens. Consentium is an application that has an in-built crypto currency trading feature that offers users to transfer multiple crypto currency across multiple communities utilizing a platform that is not just safe but also decentralized. It enables content creators and entrepreneurs to build a group or a platform with followers that reaps benefits for both based on the amount of crypto currency that has been traded.

Consentium’s Chat Application

Consentium offers a number of chat features. Users can choose to chat 1 on 1 in thoroughly encrypted data exchanges that are protected at all times by the resilient SHA-256 hash algorithm. Moreover, users can also build their own groups with their followers and, based on the quality of the chat and its activity, monetize the chat while reaching out for bigger influencers and content creators. It is a low cost C2C system that provides user with crypto currency transfers and multi-crypto currency wallet that offers conversion features as well. It is a comprehensive system that enables users to not only interact but trade with each other as well.

Consentium’s Customer Compensation Model

The customer compensation model (CCM) is a system devised to reward the users of the application. Whether it’s the content creators making groups or channels, or the people following them, both reap the rewards. The CCM is based on the crypto currency being traded on the application. Every single transaction has a 1% transaction fee levied on it. The fee comes equally from both the sender and the receiver. All transaction fees join together to make a pool called the redistribution pool. Each and every monetized group on the application is ranked in tiers based on their quality of conversation and the amount of trading that they do. Finally, on a monthly basis, all the money collected in the redistribution pool is distributed amongst the groups based on their tiers. It makes sure that every single group gets something in the form of CSM coins.

The Benefit of Consentium

Not only does Consentium offer a self-sustainable chat application that holds something for everyone involved in it, but it also offers content creators and entrepreneurs to unlimited access to consumers. Entrepreneurs can now immediately find their customer base by attracting people on the platform and sharing their ideas with their followers. Moreover, for tech savvy individuals, Consentium offers a platform where ideas can be shared with likeminded people along with the exchange of monetary value. Consentium offers something for everyone with its comprehensive chat services and crypto wallet services.

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