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Cornwell Casting Actively Casting Season 2 Of Fox’s Farmer Wants A Wife

July 6, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA – Turns out finding four single farmers who want to find love on a reality show is harder than finding a needle-in-a-haystack. But, like a good harvest,  Cornwell Casting is hoping that all their hard work and experience will give them television gold!

After huge international success, and with the first season of Farmer Wants a Wife being well-received after its American debut last year, with over 2.2 Million viewers tuning in after an aggressive marketing push by Fox, the pressure is on to keep the momentum going.

“With thousands female applicants and hundreds of farmers last year, we narrowed it down to four farmers with eight women each- who were able to chose the farmer they were most interested in, as a great twist,” said Jason Cornwell, founder of Cornwell Casting. “By asking the women to choose the farmer they are drawn to, we increase the chances of a true love match.”

“But now that the show is known in the United States, there’s more perspectives from eligible farmers as well as the female daters. There’s not the obstacle of the ‘unknown’ show like we had in Season 1 but there is the hesitancy of knowing that most likely this season of Farmer will grow even further in popularity and a lot of America will be watching and waiting to see if you fall in love.”

As Cornwell Casting continues to look for eligible farmers and daters, the deadline – towards the end of July anticipating a fall filming- is looming.

“We are extremely selective with our farmers and daters, so that’s a pressure we put on ourselves as a company-keeping our standards for cast members high,” said Damon Collazo, also a partner of Cornwell Casting.

“But it’s really a fun adventure, if you think about it, the fact you could be selected, living on a farm, meeting fun new friends around the country and possibly falling madly in love… these opportunities don’t come very often and they only come for a short window of time in the span of our lives- it’s a really unique opportunity.”


For those interested in applying for the show, please visit WWW.FARMERWANTSAWIFECASTING.COM

MEDIA: Interviews please contact Jason Cornwell at

Media Contact
Company Name: Cornwell Casting
Contact Person: Jason Cornwell

City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States


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