Countinghouse: A Popular Platform For Professional Investors

Countinghouse has recently merged as a popular medium for those clients who deal in professional investment and want to have the kind of portfolio that could yield a lot of profitable returns. It has been successfully assisting the clients to acquire and/or sell their allocated portion of funds.

Countinghouse believes in offering professional investors the right Forex and cryptocurrency solutions as they implement different kinds of algorithmic computer learning strategies to improve trading. This technology, in turn, is combined with human expertise alone with market psychology and the result is a much better investment portfolio and of course mind-boggling market-beating returns as well.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying: “We have put in a lot of effort and consideration to ensure that we offer nothing but the best. Our team of workers is dedicated and constantly keep an eye on the market. The focus of Countinghouse is to offer the best of technology and human sharpness to yield the finest profits to our clients. Our track record speaks for us.”

The Countinghouse fund is mainly designed to help the professional investors reach their growth targets. Encryption technology is used at Countinghouse to make sure that every exchange and transaction is thoroughly authenticated and this is why the company successfully makes use of traditional fund methodology along with the desired capabilities of the digital marketplace as well.

Further, Countinghouse has a significant market cap and also has a limited availability of units for acquisition. All these points have been carefully studied, analyzed and assessed to ensure that the right results are offered. For any such platform to thrive staying up to date with the latest technology is a must and this is what this company has managed to achieve.

The fund has three core values which are based on the company’s current practices and future direction.  For example, the core value regarding investor’s privacy is mostly maintained through an ICO re-structure by locating the crypto-currency arm of the fund in Seychelles. This is done in order to protect the privacy of investors and allow the fund to execute double-sided arbitrage in the shortest amount of time possible by cutting out excess delay in transferring fiat currency to crypto-currency.

The Countinghouse fund has already pre-sold around 4 million USD worth of tokens to previous investors through a private sale. The company is currently looking to raise a further 20,000 Ethereum worth around 20 million USD to acquire enough capital to securely execute high-volume trades, and leave a room for growth of the fund in the near future.

Those who would like to avail their services or simply explore the work done by them should make it a point to it

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