Creating A Great Platform For Execution of Contracts, Ethereum Limited Announces The Launch Of Their Airdrop which is Currently Live


Ethereum Limited, a decentralized smart contract creation and execution platform that enables its users to create smart contracts without programming knowledge, on June 21st, Ethereum Limited officially launched its airdrop. (

A smart contract is a computerized transaction protocol that seamlessly executes the terms of a contract. Because a smart contract is executed automatically by decentralized computers running it, it means it is almost unhackable. No ne can tamper with a smart contract once it is created and is successfully stored in the blockchain. Everything in it, the terms and conditions, will be fulfilled up to the letter.

Ethereum Limited will be conducting a Private Sale to investors who can see the potential and value of the Ethereum Limited project.

Only 800,000 tokens out of its 10,000,000 total supply has been allocated to the private sale. Each token will cost $0.40 during the Private Sale which is equal to a massive 73.33% discount from its original price of $1.50.

Since the project strictly believes in decentralization, the Private Sale and ICO will allow anyone, from anywhere, to participate.
A minimum of $200 purchase is required, aside form getting whitelisted.



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