Crowdfunding Campaign for MagicWood, Real Barn Wood Alternative, Now at Kickstarter


At Kickstarter, a crowdfunding campaign that offers designers and home remodelers a spectacular distressed wood alternative, has opened up for contributors.

MagicWood, Real Barn Wood Alternative

Chino Hills, CA – The MagicWood project is one of the most exciting home remodeling products to launch at the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.  This is a barn wood alternative that measures 0.2 – 0.4-inch in thickness, is lightweight, water resistant, and is easy to set up.  Home decorators will want to visit the MagicWood Kickstarter page to be among the first to receive this beautiful wood alternative, sure to impress clients and visitors.

MagicWood is a concept that comes to the public at the perfect time.  Actual reclaimed barn wood is costly to buy, as has to undergo the complex process of doing away with hidden nails, bugs and splinters.  Over time, these barn wood tends to rust and can degrade and deteriorate.  Urban Decor’s MagicWood,  by contrast, does not need to be cleaned, specially maintained or pre-treated.  Also, while real distressed wood is time consuming to locate, and requires professional equipment and tools for installation, MagicWood delivers the same antique look without the fuss, and often at a fraction of the cost.

MagicWood was developed by home remodeling professionals who know what decorators are looking for in today’s home design.  The product is made from a high density plastic, and comes in two forms – a soft leathery type and a hard, real wood simulated material.  It is mold, termite, and waterproof.  Sizes vary and can be shipped easily to those who order.

Urban Decor – MagicWood can be applied over the wall as well as on many other surfaces, such as a tabletop or kitchen backsplash.  This versatile material can be bent and molded to cover nearly any surface-although it is not intended to be used as flooring.  When compared to actual reclaimed barn wood, it has the same gorgeous appearance but is so much easier to use.

 These days, it has become a trend to use reclaimed barn wood for the decoration of homes, restaurants, coffee shops and more.  MagicWood is a better option for installing this look and is a more advantageous solution for consumers.  It has the same appearance as real reclaimed wood, but comes with amazing features that are impossible to get in real wood.  The materials used in making Urban Décor – MagicWood are comprised of extremely high strength, bendable, plastic-like material.  It’s water resistant, insect resistant and will not color fade. Users can be sure the material will last a long time and maintain its classic, rustic look.

For more details or contributions to the crowdfunding campaign for MagicWood, please visit MagicWood Kickstarter page and put your order in for this highly anticipated home improvement product.



About Urban Décor

Urban Décor is the home remodeler behind MagicWood, a realistic-looking barn word alternative which doesn’t rust, attract bugs, or splinter over time. The attractive antique look of MagicWood lets homeowners quickly create talking-piece feature walls without the headaches associated with real barn wood. For more information, please visit Urban Décor’s website or Kickstarter.


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