Crypto Breaks Down FB Announces Class Action Lawsuit


April 5, 2018 – Crypto Breaks Down FB announced that a class action suit will soon be filed against Facebook over the handling of its users’ private data. The legal action comes after findings that Cambridge Analytica mined the data of Facebook users and the social media giant failed to adequately protect that information.

Facebook has broken trust with its millions of users and among the many allegations against the social media platform is that it knew that there was a data breach, it failed to notify users in a timely manner, and it was negligent by not having sufficient safeguards in place. Further claims indicate that Facebook made misleading statements, didn’t fully disclose details about third-party access, and failed to monitor for harmful practices.

For decades, companies have mined user data from various sources to use in their marketing and advertising efforts. Companies are required to keep users informed about their privacy policies and how their data is being used. Terms of Use (TOS) policies by companies typically indicate that it’s the user’s responsibility to investigate third-party users and how they use information obtained from a website in an effort to insulate themselves from culpability.

A Facebook account for the average user is free and easy to obtain. Facebook’s business model is one in which it profits by charging companies for access to user data that’s then utilized to market products through targeted demographics. The business model effectively makes users of the social media platform a “product” to be “sold” to companies.

The method used to mine the data of more than 50 million Facebook users is similar to that of services used to recommend movies and shopping options to consumers. In the case of Facebook, the lawsuit alleges that the social media platform failed to adequately protect user data and that of their friends, relatives and associates.

Privacy is a precious civil liberty. Facebook users that believe their privacy has been violated can visit Crypto Breaks Down FB to sign up for inclusion in the class action lawsuit, find out more about how Facebook has violated users privacy and trust, and make a monetary donation to help cover costs associated with the class action suit.

Crypto Breaks Down FB has therefore created a platform to allowing Facebook users join a class action against Facebook. The idea behind the creation of the platform is to get as many people as possible to exert pressure on Facebook to do the needful.

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