Cyber Security Expert Kieran Upadrasta Offers Cyber Security Tips For Business Owners


Cyber Security Expert Kieran Upadrasta has put together some tips to help business owners implement changes within the workplace to help avoid the growing cyber security threats.

Enterprise Security Architect and Risk Manager with 24+ years’ experience offers vital Cyber Security Tips to stay safe online. Kieran Upadrasta from Cyber Security Consulting Group has said a lot of business owners feel they are not important enough to be attached by cyber security criminals. However, all businesses large or small are a potential target, and that is why it is important to provide staff training and implement cyber security producers.

These cyber security procedures offered by Kieran Upadrasta can help a business to be less vulnerable to cyber criminals.

1. Train your employees to be secure to avoid Cyber Security Problems

With the increase in cyber security threats it is important that all businesses large or small provide security training for all employees. The training should be on a regular basis to deal with the new influx of cyber security threats.

2. Use Strong Passwords
It is important to teach all employees the importance of creating a strong password. Good password management is an important key to staying safe online and avoid cyber security threats. It is important that people don’t use the same password on multiple sites and never to share a password with another employee. Passwords should never be written down or hidden within the workplace, and it is important to include lowercase and uppercase letters within the password as well as numbers and special characters. Passwords should also be changed at least once a month.

3. Practice Safe Clicking.
An employee can expect to receive at least one hundred emails a day, it is important to use common sense when receiving emails and avoid the security threats that come with those emails. If you receive an unexpected or suspicious email, then it is important not to open it or click on any of the links within the content. If you are unsure about an email, then you can cross check it with the URL of the website that the email claims to be part of.

4. Be careful with Removable Media

To keep a business safe from cyber security threats it is important to put in a strict policy of not allowing employees to bring in their own flash drives or external hard drives. The only external devices that should be plugged in to computers within the workplace by employees should be those that are bought by the company itself and which are checked on a regular basis.

If an employee attaches his or her own external device then they are causing a major cyber security threat to their own computer and the other computers that are attached to the network. It is important to scan any device for malware before it is plugged into the computer.

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