Cybersecurity Startup FS3 is Building a Highly Secure Mobile Device


FS3 Global is a veteran owned business that understands the needs of US government agencies and organizations through years of experience. Chris San Nicolas spent almost twenty years of services with the US Department of Defense as a counterintelligence agent globally performing sensitive missions that supported the war-fighter.

Nathan Fry, Co-founder and CTO, spent over ten years designing and developing secure technologies to support clients who require complete privacy and security. Together, FS3 provides more than thirty years of security experience to meet the challenges posed against its clients.

FS3 Global has also hired Product Management and Marketing Consultant, and fellow veteran, Bernard Edwards, to manage their go to market strategy, product roadmap, and initial product launch. Bernard retired from the Air Force as a Surgical Operations Leader and has been a marketing, business development, and product management consultant for the past 5 years working on projects with brands such as the NFL, FedEx, SiriusXM, USAA, and the USO.

FS3 has created innovative mobile cybersecurity technology in the X3 smartphone that keeps private communications private. The FS3 X3 secure smartphone provides secured end-to-end encrypted communications for enterprise-based organizations such as government agencies or high visibility corporations that need to communicate real-time proprietary information amongst team members confidentially.

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