DailyCoinGrowth announces new platform for multiple cryptocurrency trading


DailyCoinGrowth.com (www.dailycoingrowth.com), the Madrid-based online platform announced the final launch of its cryptocurrency trading and advisory services after months’ of speculation which, according to company sources were spent on research, analysis and streamlining the process of trading of cryptocurrencies.

Trading is all about coping up with daily troughs and crests – be it stock trading or cryptocurrency. There is a constant volatility which an investor faces every day as he/she trades in the market. For reason X, the price goes up for Coin ABC and for the same reason, the price of Coin PQR dips to month’s lowest at the same time. For an investor, it is difficult to predict the opportune time to buy or sell a coin in any crypto-exchange.

“Trading of cryptocurrency is the most profitable business in the world today. Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies are generating growth volume in excess of hundreds of percent – if seen over a month or so. This is unprecedented. However, for a common investor with limited access to resources to analyze the market and trend, it is equally difficult to get the vibe and invest in the right way. That’s where we chip in.” Said Julio Vidal, the founder of dailycoingrowth.com.

Dailycoingrowth.com makes use complex statistical models to understand the trend of the top cryptocurrencies. The data in turn is analyzed by both manually and using customized software which in turn is used to predict the growth of a coin the near future. The process thus applied to channelize investor’s fund to the right coin at the right time. The result as observed by industry experts is – positive growth.

There are numerous tools, techniques and experts available in the market today to predict the growth of a coin. However, most of these fail to do the basic task right – to help an investor invest so that he/she gets guaranteed growth. For this reason and only this reason – dailycoingrowth.com now stands out in a distinct way. As some of the top cryptocurrency experts observed, this platform is all set to disrupt the process of investment in cryptocurrency. If investment is all about getting positive return on investment and growth, dailycoingrowth.com is doing exactly that. Since launch, it has already garnered a formidable list of investors whose funds the company is managing wisely resulting into growth in access of 700%!

For more information on DailyCoinGrowth, please visit the website: www.dailycoingrowth.com


Contact person: Julio Vidal


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