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Dean Jones: Director at HostRooster, Celebrating Jamaican Heritage and Leading with Diversity

New York, United States – June 12, 2023 – HostRooster, a multinational online marketplace for freelance services that connects freelancers to people or businesses looking to hire, proudly announces Dean Jones as its Non-Executive Director, a remarkable leader with a rich Jamaican heritage. Dean’s unique background, rooted in Jamaican ancestry and a familial connection to renowned reggae musician Gregory Anthony Isaacs, reflects HostRooster’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and exceptional leadership.

Dean’s mother, of British origin with the surname Issacs, was part of The Windrush Generation. This generation refers to the individuals who immigrated from the Caribbean to Britain between June 22, 1948, when the HMT Empire Windrush arrived, and the passing of the Immigration Act in 1971. The influence of this vibrant cultural mix resonates deeply with Dean and has played a pivotal role in shaping his vision.


Furthermore, Dean shares a special bond as the second cousin of Gregory Anthony Isaacs OD, a highly regarded Jamaican reggae musician known for his exceptional vocal abilities. Gregory’s influence on Jamaican music and culture has inspired Dean and instilled in him a profound appreciation for the artistic heritage of his homeland.

Dean’s Jamaican roots go beyond his immediate family. His father, originating from Maroon Town, is a descendant of Africans who escaped from slavery and established their own settlements, integrating with indigenous populations and cultivating distinct creole cultures such as the Garifuna and the Mascogos. This legacy of resilience and cultural richness continues to inspire Dean’s commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

Growing up in Jamaica, Dean developed a deep affinity for the island’s natural landscapes and wildlife. His cherished childhood memories and continued visits to Jamaica throughout his teenage years and adulthood have strengthened his connection to the country’s heritage and fostered his passion for preserving its beauty.

As a non-executive Director of HostRooster, Dean brings his diverse background and strong leadership skills to the forefront. He recognizes the importance of embracing diversity, fostering inclusivity, and providing a supportive work environment where individuals from different backgrounds can thrive. Dean’s deep understanding of cultural nuances and his ability to connect with people on a personal level have been instrumental in shaping HostRooster’s success and reputation as an industry leader.


Dean Jones is happily married and a devoted father to two children. He embodies the values of integrity, passion, and respect, and he is dedicated to driving HostRooster’s mission forward while embracing and celebrating the diverse contributions of its employees.

About HostRooster:

HostRooster is a dynamic and thriving freelance marketplace that provides a platform for talented individuals to showcase their skills and connect with clients from around the world. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, HostRooster offers a wide range of services spanning various industries, ensuring that clients can find the expertise they need for their projects. The marketplace serves as a hub for freelancers to offer their services and for clients to access a pool of highly skilled professionals. HostRooster prides itself on its user-friendly interface, making it easy for both freelancers and clients to navigate the platform and engage in seamless transactions.

Freelancers on HostRooster cover a diverse array of fields, including graphic design, content writing, web development, digital marketing, video editing, virtual assistance, and much more. The platform attracts talented individuals with expertise in these areas, ensuring that clients can find the perfect match for their project requirements. HostRooster places a strong emphasis on quality and professionalism. Freelancers are thoroughly vetted, and their profiles feature detailed portfolios and reviews from past clients, providing valuable insights for prospective clients. This allows clients to make informed decisions when selecting a freelancer, ensuring that they find the right fit for their project. The platform also incorporates a secure and efficient payment system, providing peace of mind for both freelancers and clients. HostRooster facilitates secure transactions and ensures that freelancers receive timely payment for their services, promoting a fair and transparent working environment. Communication is a vital aspect of the HostRooster marketplace. Freelancers and clients can easily communicate through messaging features, allowing for clear and efficient collaboration. This streamlined communication process helps foster productive working relationships and ensures that projects are executed smoothly.

HostRooster takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction. The platform encourages open dialogue between freelancers and clients, enabling them to address any concerns or provide feedback throughout the project lifecycle. This dedication to exceptional customer service ensures that clients receive high-quality deliverables and freelancers can refine their work based on client expectations. With a vibrant and talented community of freelancers and a robust infrastructure, HostRooster has emerged as a trusted and reliable freelance marketplace. Its dedication to fostering a supportive environment for freelancers and providing clients with access to top-tier professionals sets it apart as a platform that nurtures success and facilitates the growth of both individuals and businesses. Whether clients seek to accomplish a one-time project or establish long-term partnerships, HostRooster serves as an invaluable resource, connecting them with skilled freelancers who can bring their vision to life. By combining cutting-edge technology, a diverse talent pool, and a commitment to client satisfaction, HostRooster continues to be at the forefront of the freelance marketplace industry.


For more information visit:

For media inquiries, please contact: Yvonne Jones, People Director +44 20 7193 9766


Media Contact
Company Name: HostRooster
Contact Person: Dean Jones

Phone: +44 20 7193 9766
Country: United States


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