Deary Announces a Platform that Takes Your Favorite Messages Turns Them Into A Story


Deary magically retrieves your best emotions from your chats and turns them into a unique book to gift to your beloved ones.


London, UK –September 10, 2018– Deary retrieves your chat messages and turns them into a story. We believe that stream of conversation builds a story and every story is special and unique. Deary is a unique platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to retrieve your most cherished memories from various chat platforms and saves them into a beautiful Deary Book. Once you have Deary installed on your phone, you can easily choose the other platform (Whatsapp, FB Messenger, iMessage) from where you want your messages to retrieve on Deary. If you already know how to export your files you can just click ‘Import’ on top right of the screen. Otherwise you can follow our easy tutorial that will guide you in the importing process. Deary’s Artificial Intelligence will magically capture your most meaningful messages. Deary gives you the most user friendly experience to review your conversations. You can choose your best conversations with a click of a button. Every message that you save would be restored and placed according to the timeline so that you don’t lose the sequence of your story. The more you use Deary, the more Deary’s AI will understand your preference!


Your story is now safe on Deary. With just one click now you can have your Deary Book ready. You can order a pdf or you may want to get a personalised Deary Book. We will take all the burden to ship it to your doorstep! We take utmost care and individual attention to customize and print your digital diary into an intimate Deary Book- a unique gift to your beloved one! We use high quality, hard yet flexible cover with full color on every-single page (we do not use any animal product).


About Deary


After having been in a 3-year-long-distance-relationship, our CEO was looking for a way to feel closer to his girlfriend (today wife). He was living in Italy, she was in Canada, which made it hard for them to find the right time to communicate.

Their relationship relied on messaging apps where they got used to share every single moment of their day, ranging from sad to funny ones, and hence, an overloading amount of emotional and powerful conversations. Some messages were just too beautiful that they wished there was a way to keep them saved forever… this is how Deary was found: it is a new intimate and private chat platform where it is possible to retrieve your most meaningful messages and save them in a personalised digital diary.


“I see messages as small fragments of a story. I imagined them stored in precious diaries instead of losing them in endless streams of bubbles.” – Federico Allegro, CEO


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Federico Allegro


London, UK