Death Comes to China this January with Mort in China Issue 1


ALBA Creative Studios, Beijing is releasing the English version of their underground Chinese cult hit Mort for Amazon Kindle on January 8th. Writer/Artist Christopher Rumage has created an amusing series based on his experiences of trying to live in China. This modern adventure is heartfelt look at life in modern China that is suitable for readers of all ages.

After 500 years of work and still only being considered ‘2nd best’ a mild-mannered soul collection agent for the Final Destinations Afterlife Tourism Agency named Mort has his world turned upside down when his boss sends him to root out and correct the efficiency issues in their China branch office. Things take a turn on arrival as he quickly realizes that he is woefully unqualified to deal with the nuances and pitfalls of Chinese culture. Will Mort succeed, or will his failure spell doom for all of China? 

Mort in China promises to be an entertaining and informative comic great for anyone that has ever wondered what life is really like in China.

The first issue of the Mort in China four-part mini-series will be available for free download on Kindle from January 8th to the 12th and will be available for purchase afterword for $2.99.

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