Debt Giant: IRS Fresh Start Program


                                                          Debt Giant: IRS Fresh Start Program

Filing your taxes can be hard, that’s why most people pay someone else to do it or they struggle through it on their own. If you’re filing your own taxes there’s a big chance you could be missing information or might not have chosen the best return for you. With that being said most people really do make mistakes and it can set them back financially. Not only do most people not know how to get the best return but they end up owing the IRS money. No one wants to owe money, right? Well that’s what Debt Giant is here for! We are here to help you with Debt Settlements, IRS Fresh Start Programs, and Tax Relief.


            Debt Giant is one of the leading sources in tax relief and debt settlements. We are here to guide people who may need a little help dealing with the IRS and get you out of debt. You might be wondering what Tax Relief and Debt settlements are, right? Surprisingly enough, most people have no idea what it is and this could be the thing to save them! Tax relief is a reduction of a portion of a person’s income tax normally due on their earned incomes. It can be a program or an incentive that remisses a part of the amount of taxes owed including the allowable deduction for pension contributions. The government does grant out Tax Reliefs but only under certain circumstances. If the government declares your region as a disaster area they will permit tax reliefs to the affected citizens.


            Another version of tax relief is tax credits. Tax credit is an amount of money that a person can subtract from their taxes owed to the government. The most efficient way to get tax credit is by supporting environmental causes such as purchasing energy-efficient appliances. But these aren’t guaranteed to happen, the government only hands these out periodically. That’s another reason why Debt Giant is here to help.


            Debt Giant wants to get everyone debt free and on the right financial track. We offer professionals that help guide you through different types of tax relief as well as Debt Settlements. Debt settlements are a great way to try and reduce whatever the balance owed is. Different types of debt settlements could be debt negotiation, a credit settlement, or a debt arbitration(judgement). This is when a debtor and a creditor get together and dispute an amount owed to reduce the balance that will be regarded as payment in full.


            Not only do we offer professionals to help guide you through this tricky path, but we have different programs to help you along the way. For example we also have an IRS Fresh Start Program to help people who owe the IRS money, pay back taxes, and avoid tax liens. A lien is the right to keep someone else’s possession until a debt has been paid, settled, or discharged. This Fresh Start program includes Installment Agreements and also an Offer in Compromise. An Installment Agreement is basically a 6 year(72 month) payment plan for people who owe the IRS up to $50,000. Not only will this program help set you up financially but we’ll even put in an Offer in Compromise. This is pretty much a negotiation with the IRS trying to reduce the amount of tax debt owed. We try to reduce your balance, take the load to a minimum, and take the stress away from trying to pay all at once. Debt Giant wants you to get the most out of your own taxes and stay debt free. We want you to have control of your own financial pathway and make sure you stay on the correct track.


            Don’t get confused with all the jargon the IRS tries to throw at you, all they want is to get the most they can get out of you without an care for your financial state. Debt Giant is here to provide aid to those who need help with reducing tax liability and struggling with the IRS. At Debt Giant we have professionals here to guide you through tax relief as well as debt distribution, debt negotiation, and credit settlements. Our professionals are here with videos to show you how it’s done as well as tips and tricks to make it easier on you! We want to get you on the right financial track, get you debt free, and help you stay on the right path.

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