Debt Giant -The Student Loan Debt Crisis


Are you one of many Americans that was told to go to college so you can get a job when you’re done? You were told that you have to go to college to get anywhere in life so the better college the better paying job at the end, right? That’s not necessarily always true. Having a bigger and better school means having a bigger and badder student loans. Student loans are one of the biggest causes of national debt and it continues to grow every day. Most people are just doing what they’re told to do and don’t realize that it might not be the right choice for you. Sometimes people realize a little too late that they might not have made the best decision and that’s what debt giant is here for. Debt giant wants to help you consolidate those student loans and get you debt-free. We have multiple programs suited for student loan relief as well as some discharges. Our active professionals are here to help you make the right financial decision for you. We want to work together and make this a debt-free community!

The first step to getting debt free is to understand what your debt is. In this case, your debt would be your student loan. A student loan is a loan designed just for students to help get them through post secondary education as well as help with other fees such as their tuition, books, supplies, and living expenses. All of this sounds great at first, not having to pay for food, not having to pay rent and not necessarily having to get a job yet. But what most people don’t realize is that once you’re done with college you have to pay back that loan, all the money you used for school as well as living expenses.The average student loan is about $30,000 and most students right out of college aren’t even making enough to pay back the loan. It takes an average person 20+ years to pay back there’s lungs. Why would you want to put yourself in debt before you’re even making any money? A lot of people made this mistake and realize that this choice may not have been the best decision for them, but that’s why debt giant is here to help!

Debt giant is the number one source for student loan forbearance, student loan relief, student loan discharge, and even Obama loan forgiveness. Our team of professionals is here to guide and help you through this process to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money. We want you to be on the best financial track for you and eventually have you debt free!

Like I said earlier, we have different programs for different types of Student loan relief. Our professionals help with student loan forbearance, IBR, REPAYE, as well as different disability discharges. Student loans forbearance is a deferment that allows you to temporarily reduce or stop payments on your student loans. IBR and REPAYE are two different types of income-based programs that help making payments on your student loans easier as well as lower. IBR and REPAYE are great ways for students to make minimum payments on their loans while just graduating and starting something new. Another program offered is a disability discharge. Disability discharge is when a person has physical or mental impairments that qualifies them for a discharge on their student loans. Do you want Student Loan Debt Relief? Do you not want to be making monthly payments for the next few decades of your life? Then come to us. Debt Giant will help lower your student loans with Obama Loan Forgiveness, Loan Forbearance, as well as Discharges. Student loans don’t have to control your life so don’t let them. 

Debt giant is only here to help. We have our team of professionals here to give you tips as tricks to help you become debt-free as stay debt-free. It’s hard enough trying to get the student loan, now trying to get rid of that is going to be even harder, why do it yourself? We are here to work together to get these student loans gone for good. Our goal is to cut debt completely out of your life.