DELAWARE — The Secret Service is attempting to retrieve $3,000,000, believed to have been sent to two Peru, Vermont residents as a result of a misleading series of webinars.


A Delaware police officer has received 27 incident reports involving Frances and Robert Tobia. Criminal charges appear to be pending, as the total value is in excess of $3,000,000.

Frances Tobia held webinars online to lure people to invest in “Digital Gold” saying it was going to the moon, according to Delaware resident, Martin Harper.

Mr. Harper states, “I’ve been in contact with tens of victims and there’s commonalities between all the cases. The couple disappears immediately after the currency has been sent and their phone is disconnected and emails bounce back.” He went on to further state that, “What’s most concerning is the Tobia’s have threatened each of the individuals they fooled in one way or another. For example, I was told that Robert has ties with the Gambino family and I would be considered a rat to them if I cooperated with the police and they somehow found my wife and child’s name.”

These incidents can be made into a movie. Another commonality according to Mr. Harper, “Is that Frances Tobia claims her husband made her do this or she would not be welcome to live in his house or have any money. She is now changing her tune to being innocent and that Robert is behind this trying to pad his pockets for his retirement.”

Mr. Harper went on to further state that, “Frances has deleted all her email addresses, phone numbers and social media presence. This is the tell tale sign of a criminal. They made off with millions and sailed off into the sunset. Lastly, Frances replied to several victims that she has mental health issues and did not know what was going on. Which makes no sense as she’s a certified life coach and published author who provides individuals with paid coaching on how to make money and tap into their intuition and higher vibrations which she speaks about on her YouTube channel.

Robert and Frances Tobia were involved in another scam that occurred in New York and appear to be a new age Bonnie and Clyde.

The Secret Service’s work includes investigating financial crimes, such as credit card fraud, wire and bank fraud, and computer network breaches, which have become more common as internet connectivity has spread.

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