Detox of South Florida announces 5 Scholarships each month for qualified patients without Insurance and cannot afford to pay for the treatment.


Okeechobee, Florida, 6/4/18 – Led by Dr. Vikram Tarugu MD, Detox of South Florida provides scholarships for detox to patients in need of professional drug detox treatment. The scholarships give five lucky patients drug and alcohol detox treatment free of charge every month. It’s a service given by Dr. Tarugu to all his patients coming all over from the U.S. to seek his help in the treatment of addiction and Hepatitis C.

Detox of South Florida has already helped many patients in overcoming their addictions. Their experienced, qualified staff worked together with patients in dealing with their rehab and detox needs. The five lucky patients who will be awarded by the rehab center’s scholarships will have the center’s team led by Dr. Vikram Tarugu to help them get quality addiction treatment.

The rehab center’s addict treatments include medication, behavioral therapy, and sometimes a combination of both. Their treatments help the patients to see their life in a new light and to reconsider their actions leading to them finding support. Detox of South Florida serves as a support for many individuals in the Florida region suffering from addiction problems.

The rehab center’s team understands addiction treatment differs for everyone. Attempting to treat one is often a dangerous move without the help of a professional. Every patient is different from each other. It is fortunate to know that there are different alcohol centers they can seek assistance. Detox of South Florida is one of those alcohol detox centers where one can bring a loved one to get treatment.

At the Florida rehab center, patients are under the care of experienced doctors, nurses, and staff who care and treat them well. They are dedicated to the recovery of their patients throughout their whole stay in the center. Another reason why patients choose the facility is the fact that it is close to home. The center is close to the residential area of South Florida so commuting to the center doesn’t incur added costs.

Furthermore, the rehab center accepts insurance. Patients and their loved ones will not have to worry so much about cost. But then again, the scholarships award five fortunate patients with personal care and support from Detox of South Florida free of charge. They can enjoy quality care and treatment without having to worry about costs.

Patients not only in Florida but all over the country come to the Detox of South Florida in need of addiction treatments. They come to benefit from safe, reliable, and quality care in rehabilitation and detox from drug and alcohol. With such level of care that they provide their patients, it is amazing to hear that they offer scholarships for detox to five patients free of charge every month.

About The Company: Detox of South Florida is the Florida region’s leading rehab center with the best addiction treatment options. The rehab center employs qualified, experienced staff committed to patients’ recovery by providing 24/7 care and treatment. In Detox of South Florida patients enjoy a painless, smooth, and manageable detox process.


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