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DIGITAL FANTASY SPORTS The #1 Fantasy Sports Cryptocurrency Dedicated to the Building the Ultimate Arcade for the Fantasy Sports Industry

Emerging technologies and platforms are shaping the fantasy sports industry today in ways we could have only imagined a decade ago.  Players are joining the sports fantasy scene by the thousands, introducing more games and exciting the fan base worldwide. With the expansion and the magnetism of the cryptocurrency technology, players and fans are benefiting from more earnings, improve  conversion and cashing out systems, in addition to an increase in digital fantasy games


That is where Digital Fantasy Sports comes in. 


Digital Fantasy Sports is a digital sports platform that unites fantasy sports games and Cryptocurrency.  It has created an ER20 token called DFS whose sole purpose is to provide a simple and secure interface between the players and the league action they love.

DFS features its own network of games across multiple sports, known as Digital Fantasy Sports, allowing users to compete and win using DFS tokens.  9 distinct fun fantasy games are featured on this platform, which no other site offers!  NASCAR, boxing, NFL, MLB, NBA are just some of the games available.  This partnership attracts more fantasy game enthusiasts and ensures an experience unlike anywhere else.  Digital Fantasy Sports’ will also be introducing a Fantasy Salary Cap platform accepting DFS as its EXCLUSIVE in game currency for MLB/NBA/NFL and NHL.  Users will be able to play both online and on mobile devices, competing and winning DFS tokens.

Gone are the days when you used to cash out winnings in the form of tokens at a traditional arcade prize counter.  DFS uses Ethereum’s smarts contract technology to enable players to exchange and claim their winnings.  This method of re-distribution promotes token circulation as well as a way to encourage new players to join the Digital Fantasy Sports universe.  This collaboration resolves problems that players face when retrieving their earning from the traditional digital platforms, as well as reducing the fee currently applied when exchanging money between currencies.

DFS is the first ev er fantasy sports gaming token based on the Ethereum blockchain that is playable and easily exchangeable within the sports fantasy world.  DFS will;

Create a currency that is unparalleled in the fantasy gaming world, for use in giving out prizes and creating fun competitions

Differentiates DFS platform by offering a range of different games and possible token applications

Let players form their own custom competitions and groups using DFS token as a prize for winning.

In a market of over 50 million fantasy sports players,  the cryptocurrency world is a perfect addition to this growing faction of sports enthusiasts.  The rapid increase in price along with the increasing realization of credibility and endless opportunities in blockchain technologies and especially on Ethereum has led to many new investors an users entering the cryptocurrency markets.

The winners of such fantasy games will receive DFS tokens, which can then be redeemable for ETH/ other ERC 20 tokens available on the exchange networks.  Instead of the traditional 10% collection from big name fantasy sites, 3% of tokens from the total pot winnings will go to the house for computing and sign up bonuses for new users.

Users stand to gain from this and have the chance to invest their winnings in a token of their choice instead of cashing out, spending earning or withdrawing.  The bonus given to new users will encourage fans to join the platform and benefit from the reward of winning the fantasy games.


DFS Vision: How it works

Users of this platform will purchase DFS token to be used in the games from exchanges.

Players from different locations all over the world can participate without being limited by geographical and legal requirements. 

Since transactions run on a decentralized platform, the players will enjoy swiftness and security.

Super Bowl LII


DFS has launched a Peer 2 Peer prediction site that is ready to take action for this years Super Bowl.  What makes this Super Bowl P2P Prediction more unique and exciting is there will no rake. In fact, for the first time in Super Bowl history, players will not have to drop 10% of their investment to the house with nothing guaranteed.

When placing a bet on SuperBowl, users almost always have to pay a juice.  You are not getting Patriots-7 with even money, it is usually -110, which means you have to throw down down an extra $10 per each 100 bet to win $100.  With you d o not have place that extra $10 action and you can turn $100 to win $100, which we know as even money.

One of the largest advantages DFS has over traditional sites is the payout system.

The payout structure in todays’ fantasy sports world is very slow. Either you wait a handful of days for your money to come through on PayPal, or either wait a few weeks for a check.  DFS will give you your cash out winnings instantly, which can be used to play  in more DFS context, or you can go straight to the exchange and turn that DFS into another Cryptocurrency to invest in. is the only Sportsbook this Super Bowl which promotes NO JUICE and EVEN MONEY. 


That’s right, Zero Rake for all plays During Super Bowl LII on February 4th

Token Information:

Name: Digital Fantasy Sports

Ticker: DFS






Bitcoin Talk:

Total Supply: 12,508,209 DFS


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