DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration – your best friend for cleaning and restoration


DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration just got their 800th five star review on Angie’s List and therefore became the carpet cleaning company with the most positive reviews in the  area.


In need of a reputable company which performs outstanding carpet and rug cleaning in Springfield VA, clients crave for the best and trustworthy company being at their disposal at once. Having trouble to clean spots, pet stains, food remains or any other dirt from your carpet is now very easy. DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration is now at your disposal.


No matter what kind of life you lead and how much care do you pay to carpets and rugs in your home, if you are in need of a well-done and effective carpet cleaning in Springfield our company is here. Moreover, our professional team will be a great help in your house and every day life. It is evident, that DIY carpet cleaning cannot give the same results as one performed by professionals.


DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration as diligent carpet cleaners


If you have small kids, elder family members or pets in your home, it makes no make difference for well-respected and diligent carpet cleaners. We will remove all unwanted stains no matter how strong or time-honored they are. After completing the cleaning and restoration procedures by DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration your possession will be in the perfect state. Your rug will be completely clean and the ordered and purchased carpet cleaning or rug cleaning service will for sure meet all your needs.


It is a fact that some rug cleaning companies do not make a clear distinction among various models and kinds of rugs which they get for cleaning. What do you need is a carpet cleaning in Springfield VA which will make your life easier and for sure save your money on monthly and even yearly basis.


No need to drag your heavy carpets around the city anymore


Why to drag a heavy carpet around the city? Our team comes to you and picks up the carpet meant for entire cleaning. Thus, your life is made easier and a tip-top condition carpet or rug will be delivered at your door step.  


Our carpet and rug cleaning solutions are aimed at clients of diverse life styles and economic backgrounds who want their carpets and rugs cleaned immaculately, no matter the carpet or rug’s size or made, but regarding the environment safety.


Employing highly-efficient and dedicated technicians, tip-top carpet and rug cleaning in Springfield together with drying procedures are guaranteed in inexpensive prices by DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration. The workers in our company are patient, hard-working and ready to understand all your demands. They are responsive, working at a great level in order to make the client satisfied. We employ well-trained, motivated technicians who will patiently and completely examine your rug. In an appropriate way they will approach the cleaning process and the result will be a miracle.



The unbeatable evidence of our blue-ribbon services in carpet and rug cleaning in Springfield VA is a vast amount of A+ client’s reviews, since we are oriented to both existing, prospective and soon-to-be carpet or rug cleaning clients.


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