Do Colleges Look at Your Social Media Accounts by Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath II



Your first impression on a college admissions officer involves more than just an essay, your transcript and some high school  test scores.

According to new data colleges pay attention to what prospective students post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat as well as other social media outlets .

While the overall number of officers who review social media is down 5 percentage points from last year, 47 percent of officers who do check social media profiles say the practice positively affects how they view applicants.

To be clear, the large majority of admissions officers do not visit applicants social media sites, However, a meaningful number do, as many note that social media can provide a more authentic and holistic view of applicants beyond the polished applications. And in fact, surveys have shown that a majority of students themselves consider their social networking sites to be ‘fair game’ for admissions officers.

College applicants need to be aware of what others can find about them on social networks and make sure it reflects well on them , For better or worse, social media has become an established factor in college admissions, and it’s more important than ever for applicants to make wise decisions.

If you’re not sure what to post, ask a parent or high school counselor. If you’re still not sure, then the best course of action might be to not post it at all.

By Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath