Dolce & Vivace introduces Italian-made, eco-conscious fashion to North America


Environmentally sound, ethically sourced, Italian-made products can be found in Dolce & Vivace’s new Gift Guide

Dolce & Vivace, an online retailer of Italian designed and crafted goods, is presenting its current line of apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products to discerning North American consumers. The new Gift Guide, featuring Dolce & Vivace’s lines of fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products can be found at

Each item is loving designed and crafted in Italy. Each designer and artisan has a deep commitment to the planet, and works with sustainable, ethically sourced components to make eco-friendly, exquisitely crafted works of art.

Italian designers include Lady Cipra + b, whose skincare line is created with ingredients culled from a 593 acre farm. Her line offers rich creams and serums that nourish the skin naturally.

Susanna Martini crafts colorful Murano glass jewelry much the way glass craftsmen have done over the past seven centuries. Her pieces range from light and airy to bold fashion statements. Her creations are a delightful addition to any jewelry-lovers collection.

Adelaide Carta makes exquisite vegan leather handbags, using shape, exciting materials, and bold color to produce timeless statement pieces. Any handbag aficionado would love an Adelaide Carta design.

Dolce & Vivace’s founder, Vivian, who grew up in the beauty of Italy, first conceived the idea of “Made in Italy, crafted for humanity” after viewing Earthlings. She credits the documentary with awakening a new, humane consciousness. Dolce & Vivace is rooted in that consciousness. The principles of ethical sourcing, environmental protection, and responsible manufacturing drive the company’s purpose.

“We believe that when an item is beautifully crafted with respect for Mother Earth, it carries an energy that radiates beyond the object, and is felt by its owner,” Vivian says.

By promoting beautiful items, beautifully made, Dolce & Vivace hopes to bring healing and awareness that every living thing is to be appreciated and honored.

True to this purpose, a portion of Dolce & Vivace’s proceeds go toward charities, including The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary.

Dolce & Vivace ( offers unique apparel, accessories, and other Italian designed and made products to North America. All goods are environmentally responsible, ethically sourced, and lovingly made by hand in Italy.

Each of our Italian designers has a commitment, not only to their craft, but also to preserving our planet. Our ongoing quest is to bring a sense of beauty and a greater awareness that all beings are to be honored by honoring our planet.


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