DonD Sylvain’s “Western Honeymoon Trek: As Told by Brave Hawk”


DonD Sylvain’s “Western Honeymoon Trek: As Told by Brave Hawk”

Whippleville, NY –DonD Sylvain released his new book entitled “Western Honeymoon Trek: As Told by Brave Hawk” which is a sequel of his other and prior written work entitled “A Past Life Book”.

Sylvain described his new book as “a book about one of my reincarnations”. Western Honeymoon Trek: As Told by Brave Hawk was written by Sylvain through Tana Hanley, a medium he used as an inspiration to write Western Honeymoon Trek.

The story revolves around two couples who recently just got married and is on their way to a honeymoon. Having been decided to do a western trek for their honeymoon, they would never have they thought of something bigger that is waiting for them.

“It went well at first, a few weeks and we had a problem. Being trained by my spirit guide Gonacheaw to track and to sense anyone following, found a few men with bad intentions…” This excerpt from the book talks about the adventure the couples went through their honeymoon. Unlike any other and usual honeymoon, theirs was wrapped with difficult and threatening events which further helped grow and strengthen the relationship they currently have.

Girdhar Joshi, author of “Some Mistakes Have No Pardon” talked about Sylvain’s Western Honeymoon Trek and said “The honeymoon is the unforgettable period in a couple’s life. Later in life, tried and tried in the dust and mist of relations, together or not, they would always miss that time they spent together. Every bit of it.” The book indeed portrays how couples should work and fight together to overcome any obstacles along their way. The sturdiness of their relationship will be significantly reflected in the values and characters of the family they are about to build.

Sylvain hopes to inspire readers and be the strong person they are and value relationships built along the way as they read this book.

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About the author:

DonD Sylvian’s was a retired industrial mechanic who worked in Reynolds Metals in Massena, New York. Through Tana Hanley, who shared in Sylvain’s his past life as a brave boy from a small farm southwest of Lake Michigan, Sylvain got inspired by the story and wrote a book about it.

Hanley talked about having a Native American Chief by the name of White Cloud spoke to her about the story of a boy named Bird which was Sylvain in his past life. Bird stole from the tribe, got captured and was eventually adopted and became a part of the tribe himself and earned his new name – Brave Hawk. The name Brave Hawk came through after Bird went through trials and showed his act of bravery and survival in the midst of difficulties.

Personal/Favorite Quote:

“We made the rounds to say our goodbyes. We were wishing Godspeed and good luck…” – Western Honeymoon Trek by DonD Sylvain

My mare had established herself as head of the herd. We had one other mare very good animal but was always challenging my mare.” – Western Honeymoon Trek by DonD Sylvain

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