Dr. Aaron V. Dougherty has released two new books!


The first book is Next Generation Ministry and Discipleship and is for churches, pastors, parents, and leaders. The second book is the M.A.P.’s Journal and is for students. Both books are available at Amazon.com. In Next Generation Ministry and Discipleship, you will learn: (1) What next generation ministry is and how it differs from traditional children, youth, and family ministry, (2) What a M.A.P. is and how it works, (3) What a M.A.P.’s Journal is and how you can get it, (4) What a Discipleship Group (D-group) is and how to have a meeting, and (5) How parents and leaders can disciple the next generation for real-life.


The M.A.P.’s Journal is 52 weeks in length and allows a D-group to meet and use the journal for 1 year. M.A.P. stands for Meaning, Application, Prayer. M.A.P. is a simple way for a student to take a memory verse and allow it to become a part of who they are. Maps get a person from where they are to where they want to be. M.A.P.’s does the same thing, but in a spiritual sense. The goal in the journey is Christ-likeness and the M.A.P. helps a student get to the destination!

Aaron Dougherty