Dr. Mansour to create its own Town ship “Lilia Town Ship”


Dr. Dinah-Lilia, MANSOUR is a name to reckon with in the oil industry and financial sector. She is the founder and CEO of several global businesses including AL M’ADINA GROUP and OEIS

While Dr. Mansour is a shrewd business person, she is also down to earth, providing charity to nations across the world, and making governments sit up to do what’s right for the citizenry.

Taking one step further, she has mapped out plans to launch a new project in Niagara Falls; tagged the “Lilia Town Ship” – a one-of-a-kind establishment to boost town ship prosperity.

Giving back to the public through one of her philanthropic projects is what Dr. Dinah-Lilia, MANSOUR is doing with Lilia Town Ship. 

The Town Ship will be a unique community aimed at driving prosperity through shared local community values. It will be very affordable to every middle class, and viewed as a resort, with a grocery store, library, pool, gym facilities, all in one “compound”!

Lilia Town Ship structure and administration will help to redefine the value chain within the multifarious economic & social town ship environment.

The success of the town ship will also help to contribute to the sustainability of adjoining communities. There will be opportunity for growth, development, and opportunity to create a shared value platform to develop life and businesses.

Dr. Dinah-Lilia, MANSOUR has proven the success of its business model in Canada, UAE, and other parts of the world, and will continue to develop further town ship platforms, with its first launch as Lilia Town Ship.

 The town ship will boast of all necessary facilities that will make ‘living’ pleasurable and viable. This will be seen and looked upon as a potential economic hotspot.

Town ship builders do have a deep understanding of their environment and its challenges, and Dr. Mansour has ample knowledge of this, hence the ultimate best is to be expected. Lilia Town Ship will be a prosperous community with a home-town and global feel. It will provide a wide range of efficient municipal services.

In conclusion, Dr. Dinah-Lilia, MANSOUR is building a future that the community can take pride in.

Welcome to Lilia Town Ship! For more information about this laudable project and its mission; please contact media@almadinafinancial.ca