DreamMaker to Begin Operations in 2018 Two Years After the Company Was First Founded


London, UK 18th February, 2018 – DreamMaker has announced that it will begin full operations in 2018, two years after it was founded. A statement released by the company confirmed that everything is now in place and it’s only a matter of time before the first batch of students starts to take advantage of its courses. DreamMaker was founded to provide training and mentorship for freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Making it in business never looks easy yet with the right direction and coaching it can be done without too much hassle. Learning how to become successful is at the core of DreamMaker’s coaching programs and the company is confident that it will play its part in transforming businesses to become better more successful enterprises in the near future.

DreamMaker Founder and CEO Petri Maatta noted that 2018 will be a big year for the company. He added that the core vision for DreamMaker is to provide transformative business coaching that allows freelancers and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.  “DreamMaker focuses on complete business transformation with long-term (12 months) coaching programs. That is how we create customer utility. We enable customers to take advantage of learning that has exponential upsides at an affordable monthly cost that allows them to bridge the gap between their income and costs over an extended period of time.”

Mr. Maatta also assured clients that the company is transparent in pricing with clear and easy to understand monthly membership plans available for clients. The CEO observed that DreamMaker started from scratch and it continues to work from a scalable online platform as it delivers value for customers.
Success for entrepreneurs is often a combination of many factors. However, mentorship and coaching especially from entrepreneurs who have had to overcome a lot to reach their goals can provide the much needed push towards your goals. DreamMaker’s vision is based on one simple premise. The company believes that with the right direction, positive change will take place.

DreamMaker notes that many entrepreneurs have enough potential to achieve whatever they want in their business and personal lives. What makes the different between success and failure is mentorship and coaching. Having someone point you in the right direction can be vital and this is exactly what the company is hoping to do. The study courses are based on the DreamMaker Method, a teaching methodology developed by successful entrepreneur J Abraham.

A spokesman for the company noted in a marketing conference held late last year that the training courses aim to offer simple, practical, and proven transformative tools that will take entrepreneurs to the next level. “With each new creation from DreamMaker, we aim to reveal and share knowledge that is true, simple, and practical, and which will change people’s businesses and lives.”. Our employees are up to the challenge, they are dedicated, committed and meticulous.”

Achieving success, freedom, and growth is the true essence of living. DreamMaker is now signing up its first batch of students for a 12 month coaching program. Feel free to get in touch with the team and begin your transformation today.

You can also visit https://dreammaker.co.uk/ for more information.