Dylyver Offers Cutting Edge Advanced Solutions for Social Ride Sharing and Package Delivery Needs


Dylyver is a technological solutions provider that brings in two new apps, Dylyver Drive and Dylyver Cargo, which can revolutionize the scope of social ride sharing and package delivery requirements.

Dylyver is a unique technology corporation dedicated to developing cutting edge innovative logistics and transportation solutions with the help of highly advanced and contemporary mobile technologies. The scope of Dylyver mainly focuses on two different applications, namely Dylyver Drive and Dylyver Cargo. Dylyver Drive is a one of a kind social ride sharing app platform that helps to connect the riders and drivers. Dylyver Cargo is a package delivery marketplace which helps to connect the senders, couriers and the recipients. Dylyver has also come up with a unique referral marketing platform which can offer all the users an opportunity for generating continuous passive income as they keep on using Dylyver package delivery and ride sharing services.

From the very beginning, the professionals at Dylyver have been highly passionate about changing the way men and women commute and effectively ship their packages on a daily basis. They also wanted to provide users with a way by which they can generate substantial passive income for the long term. By offering an efficient ecosystem which in turn can offer all users to benefit from the social delivery and ride sharing services, Dylyver intends to make it easier for participants to benefit from the program in more ways than one. The Dylyver Cargo offers social P2P package delivery platform which can be used by different types of business owners. Through the Dylyver Cargo app, the couriers can easily deliver the items on foot, car, bike or any other means of transportation. DylyverDrive is an intuitive and smartly developed social ride sharing app that can be used by riders and drivers for arranging rides. With this app, users can place requests for rides with just a simple click of a button.

The Dylyvercrowdfunding project is all set to be launched on February 27, 2018. The live campaign can be viewed at https://igg.me/at/dylyver.

Dylyver has already attracted a lot of attention from the social ride sharing industry. Experts strongly believe that Dylyver has what it takes to generate the best response from the target users that it is trying to appeal to.

About Dylyver:

Dylyver is a leading technology corporation that aims to make use of mobile apps to deliver cutting edge social ride sharing and package delivery solutions. With the help of Dylyver apps, users can also generate a flow of passive income.

To know more about Dylyver, visit http://www.dylyver.com/

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