Ecofriendly Beauty Company, Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair, To Gift Celebrity Products to the Nominees and Winners at 2018 EMMYS


Los Angeles, CA, September 10, 2018: Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair, a natural skin and haircare company that is committed to producing 100% vegan, sustainable products for a greener future, this week announced they will take part in the Celebrity Luxury Gifting Suite during the 2018 EMMY Awards Week, hosted by Celebrity Connected in Los Angeles.

Distributing their proprietary products to socialites, celebrities, EMMY winners, radio hosts, and more, Vita-Electric® is hoping to share their dedication and commitment to totally sustainable beauty products.

“We are a passionate, dedicated cruelty-free conscious skincare and hair company with vegan, non-animal tested products that really nourish and repair the skin and hair – it’s in our nature,” said Diana, spokeswoman with Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair. “Never compromising our integrity, we want to demonstrate to consumers that you can invest in organic, vegan, truly electric ingredients, and sustainable products while also investing in our communities and the greater planet.”

Vita-Electric® has collaborated with everyone from TV show stars, Netflix talent, movie stars, and singers, to songwriters, public personas, TV show hosts, and more.

Proudly partners with TREEAID, an African nonprofit organization that is working to restore and preserve life in Africa, a portion of all proceeds through Vita-Electric® are donated to the charity’s mission and services.

“More than just investing in sustainable products, we believe it’s every company’s mission to give back and invest in charities and nonprofits on the front-lines saving our planet,” said Diana. “We look forward to sharing our platform and products with Hollywood’s best this EMMY season.”

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