Edgar Tibakweitira Julian: Starting a Non-Profit in East Africa


Edgar Tibakweitira Julian is a business growth expert and consultant with a background in business analysis, branding and marketing.

Julian says he’s planning to look towards East Africa to start his next non-profit venture to reduce barriers to pharmaceutical access.

He’s had experience scaling companies both small and large in the U.S., focusing on the Washington area.

“Seeing businesses grow and helping others realize their true potential makes me happy,” says Julian.

Julian says it’s all about the relationships he builds with business owners.

He says when you make building relationships a priority in business, helping people comes naturally and it’s easier to achieve positive results.

“Business is all about helping people and forming new relationships.”

He says he’s been successful in business and wants to start giving back to his community in the U.S. as well as communities around the world.

That’s why Julian is ready to tackle the crisis of access to healthcare and pharmaceuticals in East Africa.

“I’m in the early stages of forming a pharmaceutical distribution company,” says Julian.

Julian is planning to leverage his extensive experience in social entrepreneurship, social media and marketing to make his new non-profit a reality.

Julian says successful non-profits are about researching issues, creating public awareness and listening to an internal calling to do good for others.

“It’s all about positive action at scale.”

“I’ll be focusing on hard to reach areas that don’t have access to pharmaceuticals,” says Julian.

“One of my main goals is to focus on distributing pharmaceuticals in rural regions that don’t have access to the medicine they need.”

Julian says that by doing this, we would move closer to eradicating some of the common diseases that affect people in rural regions of East Africa.

Julian says he knows it won’t be an easy task, but his experience in business and helping others will make the feat less challenging.

In the last six months, Julian has managed to visit rural regions in East Africa to observe the full process of healthcare and accessibility.

By observing the system and heavily researching the issues, he now has strategies that he’s ready to implement.

“I’m ready to help improve the healthcare situation in East Africa one step at a time.”

Julian knows it won’t be an easy undertaking, which is why he’s even more determined to make a difference.

“Instead of talking about changing things for the better, I feel a sense of responsibility to actually make things better.”

During Julian’s time in East Africa, he made a complete case study about the healthcare system.

He plans to publish this study, which contains new information and holds the potential to bring in donations for his new non-profit.

“Any time I’ve helped somebody build a business from scratch, helped somebody who was struggling or gave somebody hope, it brought me a tremendous amount of satisfaction.”

“Helping people is a passion of mine,” says Julian.

“I want to serve the underserved.”

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