Eliminate hip dips with plastic surgery

Eliminate hip dips with plastic surgery

Getting rid of hip dips, that indent just above the outer thigh, sometimes cannot be done with diet and exercise. Sometimes it takes something more to eliminate what plastic surgeons call the “Violin Deformity.”

Eliminate hip dips with plastic surgeryHollywood Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ryan Stanton said the plastic surgery field has known about this for many years. With many people trying get a uniform set of curves, the hip dip is now gathering plenty of attention.

Removing the dip can be done in two ways, Dr. Stanton said.

The first, and rarely chosen option, is to remove extra fat so the indent profiles with the rest of the thigh.

“This is not very popular because it often slims out the hips more than the person wants. It takes away the curves,” he said.

The second and most popular option is small implants into the indent. Dr. Stanton uses solid silicon implants to correct the curve in the thigh.

“The implants are safe. They do not rupture and they provide immediate and permanent results,” he said. “Some plastic surgeons recommend fat transfer, but that does not deliver acceptable results in my experience.”

The body naturally removes a lot of the fat over several months which means the hip dip comes back. Further, Dr. Stanton points out the fat can be removed unevenly, leaving the hips nonsymmetrical and possibly looking worse than before surgery.

“The permanent fix of the hip dip is a small implant. If you want symmetry and even curves, call for a consultation appointment,” he said.

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