embodi3D officially releases medical 3D printing technology


embodi3D officially releases medical 3D printing technology

democratiz3D software creates 3D models for free with the push of a button

embodi3D® has officially released its all-new democratiz3D® cloud-based software. The breakthrough technology allows anybody to make free 3D printable models from medical imaging scans. The models can be used for educational, medical, veterinary, dental, or scientific purposes. Medical models can be created without specialized training in the technology.

“Creating 3D printable models from a medical scan is currently very difficult,” Michael Itagaki, MD, MBA, Interventional Radiologist, Founder and CEO said. “The software to do it is typically very expensive, costing thousands of dollars, or is very difficult to learn and use. It can take hours for an expert to create a single model.”

With democratiz3D, anyone can create 3D printable models with the push of a button.  The process takes as few as 5 minutes. The software is free and easy to use and requires no expertise in medical imaging, unlike existing alternatives. Schools, research institutions, and hospitals will be able to use the platform to improve education, research, and training. Prints of body parts and organs can give doctors and researchers further insight into the disease and ailments facing patients.

“Typically, only well-funded university medical centers can afford this luxury,” Itagaki said. “democratiz3D makes medical 3D printing available to everybody. Anybody can upload their scan and within a few minutes download a high-quality 3D printable medical model for free.”

embodi3D allows model creators to share their medical and anatomic models in the embodi3D model library. This unique collaborative resource allows members of the medical, scientific, and 3D printing communities to learn from the creations of others. Due to democratiz3D’s easy-to-use nature and ease of sharing, the medical model library has quickly become the largest and fastest growing such library on the Internet.

 “No money or specialized knowledge is required. Teachers, students, researchers, and patients can now have easy access to medical 3D printing, an exciting technology previously only available at elite hospitals,” Itagaki explained.

About embodi3D: embodi3D.com is the Internet’s leading medical 3D printing community, and is a hub for medical 3D printing, learning, and sharing. Its 3D model library has thousands of high-quality medical and anatomic 3D printable files available for download. It is the largest and fastest growing medical model library on the Internet. Numerous free tutorials help anybody get started with medical 3D printing, and active community forums can be found on the website.

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