Empowering Middle East’s Working Women is the key to the region’s future success


LEADWomen are continuing their regional expansion due to increasing regional demand

LEADWomen Working Women is the key to the region's future success

Dubai, UAE – LEADWomen, the region’s first leadership and professional development consultancy catering to the needs of the Middle East and Africa’s female workforce, announced today that after a busy 18 months, they will be expanding operations to the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain to satisfy regional demand.

LEADWomen was developed to provide strategic and insightful training for women in the workplace, after recognising the setbacks many women face in their careers. By offering an educational and self-development network run by women, for women, LEADWomen hopes to inspire women to lead through the training they receive.

After an impressive year that saw demand for LEADWomen training double, the organisation will be expanding throughout the GCC, and delivering its unique training programs to the regions female workforce. With an emphasis on inspiring and innovative training, LEADWomen hopes to enable women to better understand who they are as leaders, by empowering them to take the lead and build the career, team and life that they want.

LEADWomen Working Women is the key to the region's future success

The demand for female-centric training comes amidst a renewed interest in empowering the regions female workforce, and recognising the difficulties women face in professional environments. With the UAE and Saudi Arabia leading these issues, businesses and organisations have become more aware of the need for investment in professional development programmes.

Focused on preparing women for sustained success in the ever-changing business landscape, LEADWomen is also diversifying its course offerings. The increasing demand for female-centric leadership and development training courses extends beyond traditional offerings, and includes unique courses on brand building, presentation skills and image consulting, reflecting the needs of women in the Middle East.

Speaking after the announcement of the planned expansion, Sophie Said, Head of Business Development noted that:

“This is an exciting turning point for the future of women’s leadership and empowerment in the region. What makes LEADWomen unique are not only our internationally acclaimed trainers and consultants, but the range and scale of training we offer. With increasing demand for not only our 5-Day Training courses, but 1 and 2 Day Workshops, we expect to see more and more women leading with purpose in the region.”

By unleashing the power, potential and positivity of women in the workplace, LEADWomen expects to see an exciting new dynamic emerge in the industry, thanks to women utilising their knowledge and experiences to create a better working environment, and is excited to be at the forefront of this emergence.

For more information on LEADWomen, and the women’s empowerment training courses that they offer, please click here.

About LEADWomen

LEADWomen brings together an international team of expert female instructors, who can deliver industry experience and best practice resulting in relevant experiential and accessible training.

LEADWomen programmes have been carefully designed to equip our delegates with the latest tools and best practices to meet the rigorous demands of today’s fast paced business environment.

By analysing causes, solving problems and working in teams, our participants move from knowledge and observation to confident practice.

We apply the core principles of interactive, applied and strength-based learning as the foundation of our courses. Rooted in the conviction that participants learn and retain more ‘by doing’ rather than passively receiving information, our interventions are interactive, fun and relevant.

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