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Empowermented Launches Rebranded Digital Marketing Business Using Gorilla Mascot

Empowermented’s beginnings date back as early as 2011. At the time, the business operated under the direction of a lone freelancer as a sole proprietorship.

Empowermented Launches Rebranded Digital Marketing Business

It started how most online service providers begin their journey, by using job boards, online freelance communities, forums, and networking with local businesses. In other words, leads were sought in any and every way imaginable. Cold outreach and prospecting was a daily hustle, and existing clients were practically hounded for referrals.

That daily grind quickly grew from a one-man operation into a small-time agency. Dylan Bozeman, the lead service provider and founder of the business, started to see room for growth. As a business, they began contracting work to freelancers of their own, hiring virtual assistants, and dreaming of a bigger and brighter future.

Specializing in various digital marketing services, they strived to provide what few agencies have managed to accomplish, providing genuine and continuous value to their clients. With advertising services like pay-per-click marketing as their forefront offering, that meant monthly auditing of client accounts, keyword research, ad copywriting, landing page design, and even conversion optimization by A/B split testing their pages. They set out to change the way businesses viewed managed PPC providers and to offer the type of value that their competitors couldn’t.

It was a lot to provide under one roof and that responsibility grew even further as more services became cornerstones to their success.

The businesses they worked with often wanted to expand online through services such as display advertising, search engine marketing, and social media. These were all paid advertising models that delivered immediate results. However, as ads were optimized and improved, the profitability of the businesses they served increased, and suddenly, those same businesses were interested in other services as well.

Successful ad campaigns often led to businesses inquiring about organic opportunities such as content marketing, SEO, and other forms of inbound lead generation.

It became apparent that a full-service agency was the only solution to helping these businesses get the most out of their digital marketing investments.

However, this expansion of services came with unforeseen complications. Many businesses had trouble grasping the difference between online advertising and organic marketing. SEO and content marketing requiring thorough explanations and the hours of consultation that were needed to make this transition possible quickly began to overwhelm the sales team.

Empowermented was born with the goal of separating technical consulting from the services, by providing advanced consultation packages. These guides would thoroughly teach everything there is to know about digital marketing. The resources developed would also be categorized by their appropriate digital marketing model – SEO, PPC, content marketing, etc. This would effectively allow businesses to choose for themselves which model is right for their company and explore that topic to its depths.

Through classes and educational content, Empowermented’s products provide the guidance and training that’s needed for businesses to teach their marketing teams, or manage these areas on their own. Many businesses are looking for a better grasp of marketing concepts, but still want a team to manage their campaigns. The courses at Empowermented make that possible while decreasing the amount of live consultation needed to get a campaign off the ground.

Empowerment’s founder, Dylan Bozeman, wanted a symbolic mascot for the new brand. What better than the gorilla, the most dominant animal of the jungle?

Gorillas are an undisputedly powerful great ape that are heavily-built and extremely large. They have incredible strength and an aggressive demeanor to match. Dylan felt their presence embodied the approach behind Empowermented’s digital marketing services. He also recognized gorillas as a symbol for being an overwhelming contender in any operation or activity.

It’s the gorilla’s iconic presence that Dylan is hoping will command an influence for the brand, and represent their importance to the industry.

In his own words, Dylan acknowledged he’s also a “huge nerd and follower of paleontology. He’s got a fascination for human evolution and its ancestral ties to other primates.” He confirmed that this alone is likely to have played a subconscious role in his decision to include the gorilla as the logo for the rebrand and the image behind their services.

With the business now officially located at, there are many promising things on the horizon, and new guides expected shortly. Several previous brands of the business have been included in the rebrand, and these sites are said to be redirected appropriately. Over the coming weeks, expect Empowermented to be engaging with followers on social media and highlighting their exciting transition.

Media Contact
Company Name: Empowermented
Contact Person: Media Manager
Phone: (206) 693-2639
Address:13110 NE 177th Pl #1007
City: Woodinville
State: Washington
Country: United States


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