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East Rutherford, NJ Moveeast.com boasts of offering the most affordable and reliable moving storage services in New York. The mover provides storage services for any of their clients looking to carry out a move to or from NY. And what’s more, the firm believes that it can top whatever costs or service any other mover in NY is offering. With an experience stretching as far back as 1995, this firm claims to be ahead of the rest as far as moving is concerned.

“We take storage as a very important component of the general moving service”, said the NY operations Chief based in NJ. “Over the years we have come to realize just how important storage is to moving. It’s a crucial service that complements our main service – which is moving. And we dont just offer basic storage facilities like some NY movers do. Our storage facilities are clean, pest-free, secure, and big enough to store all your goods. And because of that, we are able to give our customers peace of mind whenever they need this service before or after a move”.

As the operations chief continued to explain, not all moves are straightforward. Sometimes clients need storage facilities as they wait to find a new place, as they await for property contracts to get finalized, as they save up funds for a move or when they are moving to a new place that cannot fit all their furniture. It is here that moving storage facilities come in handy.

It is important to note that CA NY Express Long Distance Movers New York has storage facilities, not just in New York but in San Francisco and Los Angeles as well. With both long distance moving and moving storage services under their belt, Moveeast.com’s clients can enjoy having to deal with only one firm for all their transportation needs. That is, they don’t need to contract separate movers and storage companies. Moveeast.com does it all. This not only reduces the hassle associated with moving, it also reduces moving costs.


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