Enlarged Prostate and Chronic Prostatitis New Thermobalancing Treatment Relieves Pain and Urinary Symptoms in Safe


Chronic pelvic pain relief and reduction of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men with chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain (CP/CPPS) and prostate enlargement can be reached with the use of Thermobalancing therapy enabled by Dr Allen’s device. Dr Allen’s Device is a Class I Medical Device, which does not require the involvement of a Notified Body at any country. So, everyone can use it at home without worrying, as this treatment option causes no side effects, read more at Fine Treatment: http://finetreatment.com.

The size of enlarged prostate, medically called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), can be reduced by using Dr Allen’s device only, without unsafe BPH drugs and surgeries. The same a recovery from pain due to chronic prostatitis with Dr. Allen’s device can be reached by improving the condition of the enflamed prostate tissue, without antibiotics and medications for CP/CPPS.

Dr Allen’s device treats a prostate gland, therefore it is effective for CP/CPPS and for BPH. Chronic pelvic pain relief, which is the main symptom of CP/CPPS,  can get relief within days of using Dr Allen’s device. LUTS relief may take longer time, see video: https://youtu.be/Fr3oFP8p3ks.

In a study Dr Allen’s Device was administered exclusively as a mono-therapy for 124 men with BPH and confirmed the effectiveness and safety of Thermobalancing therapy. Thoroughly examined, before and after a 6-month treatment period, the patients reported a significant improvement to lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). A 2-years clinical trial  in 45 men with CP/CPPS was demonstrated high efficacy of Dev Allen’s Device  in men with chronic prostatitis and improvement of their quality of life. Therefore, it was concluded that Thermobalancing therapy can be recommended for patients with CP/CPPS.

The standard treatment options are unable to treat chronic prostate diseases. Antibiotics are the most common treatment for CP/CPPS. They are important for acute prostatitis but cannot help in the chronic stage of this disease. According to the data of researchers in the USA and Canada, antibiotic therapy doesn’t help men with longstanding, refractory CP/CPPS. The second most commonly prescribed type of therapy for men with with CP/CPPS are alpha-blockers. Unfortunately, they are ineffective as well, causing serious side effects. The absence of useful treatment options for CP/CPPS leads to implementing of the psychological approaches for it. However, they helpless.

BPH drugs usually prescribed for years. But do men really benefit from BPH drugs? Prof Traish of Biochemistry and Urology at Boston University has investigated a most common drug Proscar (Finasteride) or Avodart (Dutsteride). The study has concluded that drugs increase blood sugar and blood lipids, so these expensive tablets can be responsible for diabetes and heart attack.

Thermobalancing therapy is absolutely safe and cost-effective, and has received a patent,” says Dr. Simon Allen. “Men must know that BPH and CP/CPPS are non-life-threatening disorders, therefore they must be treated therapeutically.”

Dr. Simon Allen, MD, PhD, is a highly experienced medical professional specialising in internal medicine. He has treated a wide range of chronic internal diseases, such as patients after a heart attack; with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease; prostate diseases: BPH and CP/CPPS; spine ailments (upper and lower back pain and sciatica).

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