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Entrepreneur Hiba Beydoun Launches FitOpia Retreats: Her Story Behind the Brand

Hiba Beydoun Discusses Her Inspiration, Goals, and Vision for FitOpia Retreats: A Unique Approach to Wellness travel industry, Combining Fitness, Adventure, and Self-Discovery in Breathtaking Locations

Entrepreneur Hiba Beydoun has launched FitOpia Retreats, a luxury fitness and adventure retreat aimed at providing a unique approach to wellness travel. With a focus on self-discovery, fitness, adventure and most importantly good times. FitOpia Retreats offers an unforgettable experience in some of the world’s most stunning destinations.

Hiba Beydoun’s inspiration for FitOpia Retreats came from her own experiences as a client on numerous fitness retreats and bootcamps. She noticed that many of these retreats lacked a focus on self-discovery and having fun which are essential & realistic components of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

“I realized that many fitness retreats i’ve been on were missing the mark when it comes to holistic wellness,” says Hiba. “Clients were often exhausted and bored, and the main focus of the retreat are rigorous workouts and strict nutrition plans – which works, but is it sustainable for when you go back home? I wanted to create something that addressed all of these concerns and give clients a guilt-free vacation that combined fitness, adventure, and self-discovery.”

With FitOpia Retreats, Hiba aims to provide an experience that goes beyond the traditional fitness retreat. She wants clients to experience an active vacation that is also fun, and go through self-discovery so that they leave feeling invigorated, refreshed, energized, and ready to take on life with a solid plan in hand.

“FitOpia Retreats is more than just a fitness retreat. It’s a place where clients can learn and dig deeper into their goals, triggers, aspirations, and misconceptions,” says Hiba. “We offer workshops throughout the week that help clients identify and solidify their plan for the future. This knowledge is power, and once you know yourself, you will have more control over your future.”

Hiba also believes in the power of community and connection. FitOpia Retreats is a place where people can come together and bond over their common goals. “It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re not alone on this journey,” she adds.


“At FitOpia Retreats, we want clients to have fun, make connections, and enjoy a guilt-free vacation,” says Hiba. “You no longer have to compromise on a fun vacation for a fitness vacation

Hiba Beydoun’s dedication to empowering individuals to find their lifestyle balanced is at the core of FitOpia Retreats. With her vision and commitment to excellence, FitOpia Retreats is poised to become a leading name in the wellness travel industry.

FitOpia Retreats is launching its Bali luxury retreat in June 18, 2023 followed by Maldives luxury retreat in September 17, 2023

For more information, visit

Media Contact
Company Name: FitOpia Retreats
Contact Person: Hiba Beydoun

Phone: +971508050597
Country: United Arab Emirates


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