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Eric Roberts Joins The Cast Of Two Films “Child Of Love” And “Great White Throne Judgment”

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Roberts is set to guest star in “Child Of Love” and “Great White Throne Judgment” two films directed by Johnny Reeves (Red Forrest, Domme). Filming has already started on “Child Of Love” while “Great White Throne Judgment” is set to start filming in mid April. Both films are being produced by Bright Morning Star Films producers Joan Uselman, Jack Hager, Johnny Reeves, Weiss Night, Nicholas Lee, and Michael Giancana. Production will be handled by Paradestormer Productions a Nashville based production company. Both films will be Directed and DP’d by the Btwins (Johnny Reeves and Weiss Night).

Roberts plays Dr. Gabe House who delivered Robert Berry. The story of “Child Of Love” centers around the real life story of Dr. Esther Berry and Chris Berry which follows their journey to starting the schools for their son Robert Berry. Esther is the owner of The Esther Schools 8 faculties around Central Florida, whose main focus is special needs students. Chris and Esther Berry Executive produced the films. Other cast include Ciara Hanna (Star’s Fell in Alabama, Power Rangers Megaforce), Lewis Purcell (Domme, Red Forrest), and James Stokes (Voorhees Night Of The Beast, Adrenaline).

Roberts is coming on board as the role of God in “Great White Throne Judgment” which is set to start principle photography in mid April. While the films is in pre production early talent announced will include Ciara Hanna and James Stokes with others to be announced in the coming month. The story is based on the biblical events of Revelation 20 The Great White Throne Judgment. While following several characters along their way revealing in the end a final judgement for the lives they lived.

Roberts is repped by Triple E, Hanna by Established Artist, Stokes by Acture Image Wikimedia Commons

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Company Name: Bright Morning Star Films
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Country: United States


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