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ETHER JOY Builds a Virtual Game Eco-economy with Blockchain

At present, digital currency represented by bitcoin cannot replace the status of legal currency in the real world. However, in the virtual world of games, services, virtual goods, and tokens based on blockchain technology gradually form a virtual economy ecosystem. So the game is the most likely and most practical application scenario of the blockchain.

The Ether JOY (EJOY) community is based on blockchain technology, and strives to construct a system from the configuration of game assets to the construction of a virtual world economy.

First, in Ether JOY eco-economy, blockchain game assets can bring added investment value.

The evolution of Internet games into sandboxed games is a complete virtual world. However, in the traditional Internet games, due to the centralized games, the ecology of the entire game has been controlled by manufacturers, mainly in the following aspects:

1) Game manufacturers can do whatever they like in the game. They can freely change rules and limit players.

2) The withdrawal of digital assets is controlled by game manufacturers, and digital assets will die out as the game life cycle ends.

However, in the blockchain game guided by the Ether JOY community, game users can be separated from the control of digital assets by manufacturers, and the digital assets in the game can be permanently saved as tokens, and can also be withdrawn very conveniently. Therefore, in the Ether JOY (EJOY) community, the user can participate in the game link as a user of the blockchain games (such as opening a store, hanging up, playing monsters, etc.).The consumptions of time and money in games becomes a job where playing games can make money.

Second, Ether JOY economic system is constructed by infrastructure

1. Token transformation system

After completing the construction of the community based on games, the Ether JOY community starte to integrate community technology development teams and guide the community’s efforts to establish a blockchain game tokenization transformation system:

1) From the technical point of view, using the Ether JOY community to build a unified SDK and API interface through the tender award or other forms, to facilitate the traditional game manufacturers to carry out the blockchain transformation. Ether JOY (EJOY) encourage community technology developers and traditional game companies to develop various interactive blockchain games, such as simulation business, VR sandbox, role-playing, action, action and adventure, strategy, fighting, shooting Wait for the game,

2) The games developed by community developers are released on the platform, allowing game users to interact in the platform, taking advantage of community traffic, providing distribution channels for newly reconstructed blockchain games and helping them gain market recognition.

2. Game Digital Asset Trading System

While embarking on the guidance of the community in establishing a blockchain game tokenization transformation system, the Ether JOY community will provide an entry to blockchain digital asset transactions within the DAPP of Ether JOY.

3. Game Digital Assets as Trading General Equivalent

In order to allow gamers to play blockchain games, the Ether JOY community plans to use EJOY tokens as general equivalents to open up blockchain game equipment trading links:

1) Support game assets of blockchain gamers in the community can be exchanged and cashed through EJOY tokens to help game users digital assets (including but not limited to pets, props and other assets) to achieve value preservation and investment appreciation.

2) For all other game companies that are not in the Ether JOY community, all APP and HTML blockchain game digital assets can also be distributed, exchanged, and added value in the Ether JOY community.

Third, the virtual world economic system is established.

According to statistics of Newzoo’s Global Game Market Report, the global game market has a value of $116 billion; in 2017, there are 2.2 billion global game players, accounting for about one-third of the global population, 47% of which (about 1 billion players) will make consumptions in the game.The virtual economy market has already taken shape.

However, the virtual economy is still in its infancy, and it is still immature because the virtual economy is completely centralized. The status of game manufacturers and users is unequal, and manufacturers have absolute power to play games. Therefore, in such an economic environment, it is impossible to breed a stable virtual world.

The emergence of the blockchain community represented by the ETHER JOY community completely changes this phenomenon. In the virtual world created by the ETHER JOY community, blockchain is fair and transparent as regulatory bodies and rule makers, and rules will not be modified, so virtual goods and services circulated in the virtual world will not be modified.

At the same time, in the virtual world created by the ETHER JOY(EJOY) community, the time and space constraints of the traditional world will break down, and services can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time without having to visit the site. Therefore, products and services that were previously unimaginable can be strung together. Chains are constrained, using EJOY tokens to facilitate delivery, thus forming a virtual world of consumption, value added, and forming a complete virtual ecological world.

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