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With the flourishing of the digital currency market, the cost of getting users is getting higher. It’s the huge user traffic that supports the prosperity of the industry.Users are both participants and promoters of platform development. All projects require strong traffic portals as support. ETHER JOY (EJOY) is determined to be a booster for the digital currency industry.

First, ETHER JOY takes games as traffic protal

The pan-entertainment industry includes many factors, the most important of which are games and users. At present, the blockchain industry is in the transitional period of “promotion of gear changes”. In the industry’s construction of its own division of labor system, the role of the booster is gradually taking shape.

ETHER JOY (EJOY) hopes to use the game as a traffic portal to streamline the project parties and exchanges through fun games and other forms to bring high-quality, low-cost and highly active community users together to build a digital currency ecosystem.

Second, ETHER JOY integrates artificial intelligence technology to profile game users

With the flourishing game industry, the user’s composition has undergone a qualitative change. In the early days, new tasters were all technical experts. They were very receptive and willing to try new things. In the mid-term, as the number of users increases, the age of users  became smaller and the spending power also became lower. The group of game users has transformed from the geeks to the general public. In the later period, as the community matures, the Token economy will become a strong driving force for the growth of community members.

ETHER JOY (EJOY) believes that the scale of potential game users in the digital currency market is even greater. According to conservative statistics, there are currently 2 billion gamers but only tens of millions of digital currency users. However, these people are relatively strong in their ability to accept new things and are familiar with computer technology. Therefore,it’s easy for ETHER JOY (EJOY) to guide them into the digital currency market and create a win-win situation for the project parties, exchanges and users.

Third, ETHER JOY has played the role of booster in the industry

In the blockchain ecology, the booster is indispensable. What we need is more than just game technology development. In fact, companies that provide innovative marketing service are quite scarce.

The ETHER JOY community is familiar with the development of games and smart contracts. Based on this, it reduces the difficulty for developers to develop games and makes a strong promotion for the community.

Based on the above principles, ETHER JOY hopes to play a valuable role in it. As an industry-leading digital currency promotion ambassador and booster, ETHER JOY (EJOY) serves users, project parties and exchanges and provides a strong pan-entertainment marketing and promotion portal for the blockchain industry.

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