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The book launch is to be held at the Hallmark Hotel in Croydon. The event is to celebrate the launch of one of the most exciting and inspirational self-help books of 2018 and to support a worthwhile charity.


On the 3rd November 2018, author Evelyn Pindura would like to welcome book lovers and those that would like to change their lives and support a worthwhile charity to a special fundraising book launch. The book launch which is to support the charity Oral Africa Care will take place at the Hallmark Hotel in Croydon.


The not to be missed event aims to bring people together to celebrate the launch of one of the most talked about new self-help books of 2018. Lives Transformed which was co-written by Evelyn Pindura and a group of unsung heroes aims to show people that obstacles can be overcome to achieve positive goals in life.


The authors of the book share their personal experiences and challenges which includes depression to show that having the right mindset can help to succeed. The heartfelt stories are an inspiration and will help to change lives.

Each year millions of people around the world believe their lives will never change and the obstacles that have been put in front of them cannot be overcome. However, that is not the case. Obstacles can be overcome and those that really want to move forward in their lives for a positive future can achieve their dreams.

Those that attend the fundraising book launch will leave feeling empowered after hearing some of the author’s stories and how they overcome the negatives in their lives. It will give people the chance to look to the future and become motivated by making positive changes to succeed.

With the inspirational stories and the style of writing that makes the reader feel like the author is talking to them directly, this is a book that should be read by everyone wanting to make a change in their life.

The fundraising book launch will be one of the most talked about book launches of 2018. Not only will it give people the chance to be one of the first to own their own copy of Lives Transformed, it will also help support children in Africa who struggle on a daily basis.


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About Oral Africa

Oral Africa Care is a charity dedicated to providing supplies and education to Africa. Oral Africa Care aims to provide dental supplies, including toothbrushes, toothpastes, timers, leaflets and mouthwash to teenagers and younger children, whilst teaching the importance of oral health and awareness of tooth decay and cavities.


Notes to the editor

The event will take place Saturday 3rd November, at the Hallmark Hotel 680 Purley Way CR9 4LT Croydon. Time: 5PM – 8PM








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