Event Organisers Using Photo Booth Sharing Software For Greater Exposure


Event Organisers Using Photo Booth Sharing Software For Greater Exposure

Two new apps have been launched which have quickly become a big favorite with event organizers. Mashbooth and Mashbooth Pro App turn any iPad into a fun photo sharing kiosk. It allows event organizers to promote their events without hiring marketing professionals.

Imagine being able to promote a current event to attract future paying customers without the expense of hiring marketing professionals? Well, that’s what currently happening thanks to a new photo booth sharing app.

Mashbooth and Mashbooth Pro App is a clever piece of software that provides event organizers with a photo booth sharing solution. The app which turns any iPad into a fun photo sharing kiosk comes with complete integration with Dropbox. It is already being used by well-known event organizers who are using it as a marketing promotional tool.

The software allows those organizing events to share people having a great time to a wider audience, and allowing that audience to see what a great event it is, providing free publicity and important exposure.

Since being launched the software has proven to be a vital piece of software for attracting people to events.

A spokesman for Mashbooth said: “Promoting events can be hard work. With our software that hard work could be reduced. By allowing people to share their photographs through social media and allowing people to see how great the event is, it reduces the amount of promotion needed to sell tickets for the next event.”

Mashbooth App and Mashbooth Pro App (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mashbooth-pro-gif-photo-kiosk/id1248865987?mt=8) allows guests to view their photos in Single or Photo Strip View, create animated GIFs from any combination of single photos. These images can be instantly shared to any social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

With 81 percent of Americans having a social media profile, social media has become an important marketing tool. Mashbooth and Mashbooth Pro App is the social media marketing tool of the future which is available now.

To learn more about Mashbooth and Mashbooth Pro App, and see how they can transform any event, please visit https://mashboothapp.com/

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Mashbooth Pro is the app for you! Mashbooth Pro turns any iPad into an interactive, live photo and GIF sharing kiosk using Dropbox or Owncloud.


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