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The Jersey Rideshare company aims to provide people with a professional and affordable service. The company is set to transform the transportation industry by inviting their drivers to become part owners of the company.

A new Rideshare company is set to be launched in Jersey providing a revolutionary service of new rules and service. They aim to challenge Uber and other services by providing a better and more affordable service while at the same time treating drivers better and helping them achieve a better wage and future.

Genamy (www.genamy.com) an idea that originated from a sailor, has listened to the people of Jersey and they have listened to drivers of Taxi companies and rideshare companies around the USA to find what people really want. With this information, the company has put in place a rideshare company that aims to transform the transportation industry forever with a better affordable service.

The CEO and founder of Genamy was a former rideshare driver and understands how hard drivers work and how frustrated some of them have become with not being appreciated. That is why Geoffrey Gesaka has vowed his company will be different. He will provide a better wage for drivers and unlike other rideshare companies, Genamy will give drivers the option to become part owners, giving them a real stake in their future.

While Genamy is still in beta mode, they are boldly making some promises and they are ready to take on the elephant, (Uber and Lyft), by offering a better driver-friendly service. While keeping a passenger pocket friendly prices. Gesaka in an interview stated that Genamy will only charge 12% commission from its contracted drivers and for the full time drivers a plan on their wages is underway and will be communicated on a later date

A spokesman for Genamy said: “Technology has offered the promise of a more transparent and fair future that is characterized by free association of drivers and riders.”

Genamy is currently looking for people to apply to become a driver for their company, they are taking applications from new and experienced rideshare drivers. In return, Genamy is offering an exciting company to work for where drivers can earn a better wage and take pride in their work.

Since the news of a new Rideshare company coming to Jersey and plans to roll out to other cities in the future, business leaders and those that use transportation services on a regular basis have become excited. Business leaders in Jersey have said it is about time there was a more affordable way to travel to different locations with a more reliable service. Drivers wil be appreciated and can be full time as well as having the flexibility to choose their hours

“This is just the start of the long journey ahead of us, but with all our joint effort we will emerge victorious in our fight for a better tomorrow.”
-Geoffrey Gesaka

If you are into making a difference in the rideshare space and would like to be part of the community as a driver or in a different capacity, you are welcomed to visit and join Genamy, at www.genamy.com

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