Father and Son Co-Authors Behind new Book “Bray Makes Money And Buys A Toy” Announce June 18 Book Reading in Woodmere, Ohio


Being a great writer may be something in the blood. Case in point author Ken Moultrie and son and co-author Braylon Moultrie who recently released their first book “Bray Makes Money And Buys A Toy”, a charming adventure that teaches kids some important business lessons.  The authors recently announced they will be reading from the book on June 18th at the Woodmere, Ohio Barnes and Noble.



It can sometimes be difficult for a grown man to resonate with children when he writes, which presents a real challenge for someone who cares for his community and would like to share his wisdom with the kids who could use it most.  Author Ken Moultrie has found the perfect solution to this concern, teaming up with his son, who also loves to write, to release their new business book for kids, “Bray Makes Money And Buys A Toy”.  Celebrating the recent release the Moultries have announced they will be reading from the book and having a discussion afterward on June 18th, 2016 at the Barnes and Noble in Woodmere, Ohio.  Excitement surrounding the appearance is high.


“We love to get the word out about our new book in anyway we can,”  commented Ken Moultrie.  “We are really looking forward to seeing what people think of ‘Bray Makes Money And Buys A Toy’ ans getting their honest, face to face feedback, which will certainly be taken into account for Book 2.  We hope we have the chance to do a great many of these kind of appearances well into the future.”


According to Moultrie, the new book is available at all the major online book sellers.  Book 2 in the series is already being worked on by the father and son team.


The reading is being held on Saturday June 18th at 11am, at Barnes and Noble, 28801 Chagrin Blvd, Woodmere, Ohio 44122.


For more information be sure to visit http://www.brayanddad.com.